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Accenture CAS: Services overview

Accenture CAS combines an integrated suite of customer management and mobility software to improve sales performance for CPG companies.


Accenture CAS enables you to gain a competitive advantage. Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading consumer products manufacturers, it provides an integrated software platform that spans your sales process and operations—from assembly line to shop floor, from established markets to emerging territories.

The Accenture CAS solution is an end-to-end software platform that supports all routes to market, all sales and delivery models, in all geographies, and on all mobile platforms.

And with the acquisition of NewsPage, we can support you in emerging and developing markets.

Why Accenture

  • The power of choice
    Built to offer exceptional flexibility and usability, it can be configured to dovetail with most legacy and back-office systems.

  • Unite your processes
    Accenture CAS helps you to manage all of your sales processes on a single global sales platform—from trade promotion management to retail execution, from direct store delivery to customer service, and from lean apps to integrated multi-channel solutions.

  • Tailored around you
    Designed to offer function-rich, out-of-box usability, your solution can be as straightforward or sophisticated as you choose. Accenture CAS also features fast, easy “app store” deployment, a “write once, deploy to many” model, with an intuitive interface.

  • Open to emerging markets
    Through Accenture CAS NewsPage you can gain the benefits of an integrated sales platform, including mobility and distributor management, on a cost-efficient, flexible basis. We offer a range of pricing options, helping you to achieve high performance in developing markets.

  • Smart and scalable
    Created for both growing businesses and established global brands, Accenture CAS can support anything from 10 to 10,000 users. As part of Accenture, you will also benefit from the combined management insights, services and capabilities of over 275,000 employees.

Benefits for your people and your sales

  • Increase revenue: Clearly define and deploy objectives, plans and actions—from promotions and product introductions to in-store activities.

  • Reduce costs: Track performance, limit out-of-stocks, and avoid compliance pitfalls.

  • Boost productivity: Improve route planning and achieve greater order efficiency, as well as clearer market and customer insights.

  • Improve brand recognition: Helps to ensure your products are on shelf at the right time.

  • Superior usability: We have designed the Accenture CAS solution to be easy and efficient for daily business use. This includes process-guided navigation for users, flexible role-centric set-ups and entry through keyboard or touch screen to ensure fast, efficient data entry for our mobility offerings.

  • Easy interface: Clear and easy-to-use display—requires minimal training.


Accenture CAS includes:

  • Trade Promotion Management: Supporting closed loop promotion and account planning processes to gain visibility into trade investments, spending forecasts and customer profitability.

  • Trade Promotion Optimization: Using analytics to provide account managers with deeper insight into the net effect of promotional activities and predictive models to optimize future category plans.

  • Retail Execution: Improving sales performance by focusing field sales execution toward high value visits and activities.

  • Direct Store Delivery: Allowing manufacturers or consumer products organizations to manage sales orders, delivery, inventory and cash collection at a store level.

  • Distributor Management: Enabling visibility and control across the distributor value chain.

  • Customer Service: Support for field service and customer service to deliver an integrated customer experience.

  • Digital Merchandising Service: Offering companies a fast, reliable, and cost-effective view of their products’ POS presence and placement.

Accenture NewsPage includes:

  • NewsPage Distributor Management: Helps you control promotions, improve productivity, streamline inventory and get accurate, reliable data on your secondary sales.

  • NewsPage Sales Force Automation: Designed specifically for emerging and developing markets. It supports all your sales channels, all delivery models, in all geographical locations–and it can link up with most legacy and back-office systems.

  • NewsPage Merchandising Solution: Enables merchandisers to execute and track their in-store metrics efficiently, thereby increasing their in-market time.