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Reimagining Telco CX, the touchless way

July 7, 2021


In brief

Don’t let liquid customers slip through your fingers

A challenge for legacy Telcos

To survive, Telcos must become far more agile, prioritize delivering a superior experience across the business and embrace technological advances - the only way they will be able to give both B2C and B2B customers the CX they’ve come to expect.

Moving ahead with Accenture

Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE+)

Focuses on value in the customer service channel, enabling Telcos to correctly identify customers who want to interact digitally while also predicting customers’ intents to ensure their needs are met.

Intelligent Revenue Growth (IRG)

Concentrates on growing sales and revenue by identifying new signals in data that help a company identify opportunities. This solution provides AI-assisted dialogues in the sales channel and also uses AI to match the right sales agent with customers.

Digital Marketing & Sales Transformation (DM&S)

Integrates the experience between marketing and sales by understanding the journey a customer is taking through digital channels and how to give them the right message at the right moment.

Channel Interaction & Decoupling (CI&D)

Enables omnichannel experiences by helping Telcos create a modern architecture, decoupling channels from the complexity of the back-end systems and processes and allowing them to develop a compelling customer experience.

Customer Value Management (CVM)

Improves engagement quality and the value generated from customers by centralizing marketing, loyalty and sales initiatives into a unified marketing solution.

A new chapter for Telcos

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