In brief

In brief

  • Our German, Austrian and Swiss team developed this report on the future of auto finance in the European market by interviewing key industry experts.
  • Changes in customer expectations and new technologies pose major challenges for auto finance providers that rely on traditional business models.
  • Access to and use of transportation will change significantly over the next five years.
  • To participate and remain relevant, auto financiers should develop new, more relevant business models and acquire new core competencies.

Significant change in customer expectations

Observers of transportation patterns are noticing significant shifts—in customer expectations and behavior—in the automotive industry and in the broader competitive landscape. This is leading to a significant change in the customer lifecycle and the way in which transportation and automotive services are consumed. To meet the needs of their customers and maintain their competitiveness in the future, banks and captive auto finance companies need to develop new skills and offerings.

API-based architecture & partnering models

  • Integrate products and services
  • Extend customer reach through partner networks

Customer lifecycle management optimization

  • Support customers over the entire lifecycle
  • Increase customer retention and boost loyalty

Data-driven & intelligent business operations

  • Analyze data to create individual service offerings
  • Evaluate channels and assets to achieve operational excellence

Flexible contract management & agile operations

  • Use new technologies to develop flexible products and services
  • Accelerate speed to market with DevOps

Customer-centric user experience

  • Enable a best-in-class digital product range
  • Create positive customer experiences to increase conversion rates

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Business models with a future

We have developed three promising strategies for auto finance providers that will enable their continued success. We tested these models with executives from across the industry.

Digital champion

Offers customers a completely digital end-to-end experience.

Platform provider

Integrates services from various partners, retaining ownership of the customer interface.

Mobility service provider

Complements the mobility offering by providing services such as subscription, car-sharing and home delivery.

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Auto finance organizations should act to remain relevant

If auto finance providers continue to rely on their traditional strategic positioning—including their existing business models and current core competencies—they will find it difficult to retain their customers and maintain their competitiveness. Instead, they should rethink their business model and develop a transformation strategy. At the same time, depending on their focus, they should also develop new core competencies. This will help them stay relevant and participate in the automotive industry’s rapidly growing ecosystem of services. Register to read our report to learn how leading auto finance providers are staying relevant in today’s market. Contact your Accenture lead to discuss your organization’s financing strategies.

Andreas Staudinger

Managing Director – Customer Sales & Service, Financial Services, Europe

Florian Lautenbach

Senior Manager – Customer Sales & Service, Financial Services

Lenard Nadidai

Manager – Customer Sales & Service, Financial Services

Stefanie Engelmann

Manager – Customer Sales & Service, Financial Services


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