Call for change

As Northern Nevada’s healthcare leader, Renown Health is Reno’s only not-for-profit, locally owned health system. Renown Health also operates Nevada’s largest not-for-profit insurance company—Hometown Health.

Hometown Health offers the highest rated Medicare Advantage plan in the state of Nevada. Hometown Health also offers supplemental Medicare insurance, sometimes referred to as Medigap.

Given the rapid influx of seniors migrating to the Reno area and with an eye toward boosting enrollment in its programs, Renown Health and its insurance arm Hometown Health sought ways to better understand and engage Northern Nevada’s senior citizens.

"Before we start any marketing campaign, we ask questions such as what does the research tell us and who are we targeting?"

– SUZANNE HENDERY, Renown Health

When tech meets human ingenuity

We teamed with the companies’ executives to structure a project that would better determine what seniors wanted in terms of health insurance and medical services.

By combining patient profiles from digital engagement research with lifestyle data points, we created specific and detailed personas. Insights gleaned from these personas helped fuel an efficient and effective marketing plan.

With our help, Renown Health was able to develop a more robust plan for senior engagement and create a marketing plan with messages designed to resonate with varied audiences. Hometown Health simplified its insurance-policy language, pairing phrases and photographs that were more appealing to seniors living in Northern Nevada.

A valuable difference

In a matter of months, Hometown Health membership increased by 12.5% and Senior Care Plus program membership increased by 7%.

A database of leading practices, knowledge of high-value customers in each county and region, and strong segmentation are enabling the organization to accurately target the right people to grow the business.

Hometown Health is relying on insights derived from the project to market its Medicare Advantage plans. Renown Health is now leveraging the database for insights on how to improve patient engagement in other segments served by this growing healthcare business.


Growth in Hometown Health membership, from 128,000 to 140,000


Rise in the Senior Care Plus program membership

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