Senior executives at Renown Health and its insurance arm Hometown Health, both based in Reno, Nevada, wanted deeper insight into the wants and needs of a growing number of senior citizens.

Prior to a Medicare open-enrollment period, Renown sought Accenture’s help in gaining a deeper understanding of local residents’ perceptions related to health insurance and provider preferences in order to attract more seniors. Applying lessons learned about the shifting "senior" around digital, health service use and insurance supported deeper customer experience design based on persona types. Integrating analytics and team design sessions led to a detailed experience design for an unusual group that is unlike prior seniors.

Strategy and Solution

A detailed approach to persona-based seniors and older adults provided insights and design based work about more in-depth ways to appeal to and engage seniors residing in the large, 17 county-region served by Renown.

Marketing relies increasingly on digital technologies, such as websites and social media, which requires collaboration between information technology (IT) and marketing teams. Ron Fuschillo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, has been involved in aligning his IT group closely to serve the needs of the business. Suzanne Hendery, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Renown Health explains: “We need collaboration between coders in IT and folks who understand consumer technology, convenience and friendliness, as well as the marketing user experience, innovation and graphic design.”

Compared to stereotypes, seniors are more mobile and tech-savvy than many people think: 81.2 percent say technology is a part of their daily life, and 56.3 percent would use a health-technology platform if recommended by their physician. While a growing percentage of seniors are digitally savvy many also crave in-person interactions.

Client profile

Renown Health is Reno’s only not-for-profit, locally owned health system. More than 7,000 nurses, doctors and care providers work at Renown hospitals, urgent-care centers, labs and other facilities.


Executives of Renown Health and its insurance arm Hometown Health sought deeper ways to understand and engage senior citizens in Northern Nevada.


Accenture worked with Renown executives to structure a project that brought in customer profiles from digital engagement research and lifestyle data points to identify personas and preferences.

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Renown developed a robust plan for senior engagement and created a marketing plan with messages designed to resonate while Hometown Health simplified insurance-policy language and messaging to appeal to seniors living in Northern Nevada.


Growth in Hometown Health membership, from 128,000 to 140,000


Rise in the Senior Care Plus program membership

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