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Need answers? Ask DiPA

Accenture in India applies the New now with an innovative Digital People Advisor.

Call for change

DiPA: An Innovative Digital Personal Adviser

When tech meets human ingenuity

Working prototype

Prototyping began with the question: What information is important to employees that can be delivered virtually and without human intervention?

Scope definition

Scope spanned the employee life cycle—from hire to retire. Processes were mapped out, info needs analyzed, and content added to the knowledge base.

Rapid innovation

A five-step approach and new framework enabled quick innovation, from prototype to production, and delivery of an enterprise-scale solution at speed.

Deploy to production

The ready prototype was deployed into production, answering Accenture India employees’ common HR questions and becoming a key information source.

Continued development

Next steps: Incorporating personalization capabilities such as contextual personalized responses, filtering possibilities, and topic prioritization.

Make fit for purpose

Next efforts include making the solution fit for purpose and powering the bot intelligence with Accenture company context, user context, and more.

Ongoing improvement

The next phase: Coaching employees on career, wellness and learning as the technology enables DiPA to grow more intelligent with every interaction.

A valuable difference

"We did something innovative and did it quickly with very few dollars. It’s now turning into usage, but just as important, it is informing a go-forward Accenture-wide chatbot strategy that we can leverage, from both business and technology perspectives, having learned where chatbots work and do not work."

— SANGITA AGARWAL, Managing Director – Human Resources Technology, Accenture


Employees deployed in India


First-year deployment goal for adoption


Initial adoption for employees in India


Number of questions asked by 110K employees, answered in the first year

Meet the team

Ashok Vira

Director – Global IT, HR Platforms