The need to prepare for and outmaneuver uncertainty is at the top of the leadership agenda. Behaviors everywhere have changed, customer service and IT help desks are overwhelmed, network traffic is surging and demand for products and services is constantly evolving. The result is the pandemic has shifted business from “the new normal” to a state of “never normal”. This means that digital technology is no longer a strategic advantage but a minimum response. 

Even here at Accenture, where we have always prized remote working, we had to shift in an instant to levels we had never seen before.

CIOs, CTOs and IT leaders are in a unique and essential position. Digital technology that is data-driven and powered by machine learning, AI and cloud can enable rapid actions today to ensure these needs are met and that business operations continue smoothly. Automation is key to that equation. Automation can not only help systems quickly adapt and become resilient, it can help make IT a value-driver for the future with scalable innovations that free up resources to set the stage for growth.

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Building the automation of tomorrow, today 

We are now in the next phase of automation. It is no longer a stand-alone script here or a bot there. Today’s intelligent automation uses machine learning and AI to augment human capabilities to improve decision-making ability, user experience and efficiency. 

That is why we created Accenture myWizard®, an integrated intelligent automation platform designed to reimagine and transform IT systems. We want to help companies overcome the technical and cultural hurdles of automation at scale with efficiency and performance gains that can accelerate business growth. myWizard has AI at the core with new features that deliver adaptability and lower operational costs. And, it enables and manages a structured automation journey backed by our patented technology (more than 150 patents and patent applications). 

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Faster speed to market


Improved user experiences

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Whatever stage of automation maturity a business is at, myWizard can spark change in weeks and months instead of years. It lays the foundation for an enterprise-wide intelligent automation strategy, developing an automation roadmap and applying best practices to avoid roadblocks and accelerate adoptionAccenture’s holistic approach of people, process and technology powered by the myWizard platform and AI assets can help companies implement a mature level of automation across the end-to-end software engineering lifecycle at speed and scale to: 

  • Accelerate a comprehensive automation transformation journey 
  • Maximize data-driven, business-aligned results 
  • Infuse continuous innovation into your automation DNA  
  • Propel nimble and resilient automation 

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On-time successful software releases


Reduction in IT operational costs

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Automation can answer the need for speed (and efficiency, agility, quality, predictability…) 

Organizations need the tools to quickly adapt to volatile market conditions, all while confronting massive cost pressures. But it’s a big risk to sit on the sidelines with digital technology, risking growth stagnation and the opportunity for a higher operating margin. 

myWizard is continually innovating and evolving, but it was of great importance to its design that it remained non-intrusive. Its plug-and-play architecture can adapt and evolve to keep pace with the changing technology landscape. Plus, it seamlessly connects to a company’s ecosystem and is cloud- and platform-agnosticmaking a company’s investment in their automation program resilient. 

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What matters in the end is the value that automation delivers. Our platform and assets hyper-drives automation and intelligence into systems and applications from end-to-end to make your business more efficient and agile. The new generation of myWizard offers expanded capabilities for modern engineering, including software quality engineering, modern technology operations and enterprise automation journey management with automation for DevOps in the cloud. Accenture myWizard®’s transformational value can enable organizations to drive services to market up to eight times faster, improve user experiences by more than 50%, enable 99% on-time successful software releases and reduce IT operational costs by up to 60%*. 

This is all underpinned by a broad suite of data-driven, AI-infused assets. Real-time predictions, self-healing solutions and a ready-to-use automation marketplace of assets are designed to maximize business outcomes. New features also include an automation roadmap with benchmarks to identify automation opportunities and provide insights for faster value realization. 

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Scaling automation is in reach with myWizard 

At the heart of the promise of mature automation is the ability to better enable human + machine collaboration. AI-powered automation becomes like a “digital co-worker” to human workers, automating mundane tasks and freeing up time to work on more high-touch, growth activities. myWizard’s automation platform is designed for collaboration with AI virtual agents and by enabling distributed agile and modern engineering practices that are easily scaled. It also continually finds new automation opportunities while measuring the value those improvements deliver. 

Change is not built on technology alone. It requires embracing and adapting to new ways of working. Our work with companies on successfully creating scalable and sustainable automation programs prizes continuous learning, a commitment to continuous innovation and overcoming cultural hurdles of automation at scale. To help do this, myWizard’s structured automation journey management tightly aligns all automation efforts with the priorities of the business. Ongoing measurement shows employees and leadership the value delivered in real-time at every step of the way. 

Even in these uncertain times, there are endless possibilities for IT to be a source of cost savings and innovation. To forge ahead, Accenture is committed to helping companies build a strong digital foundation powered by data, cloud and automation, and accelerate business growth and innovation. 

Visit the myWizard page for more information and reach out with any questions. 

*Based on internal research 

Rajendra Prasad (RP)

Lead – Global Automation and Intelligent Assets

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