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Product acceleration and value creation

Innovate products and optimize operations for profitable growth

Why product acceleration and value creation matter


of C-suite execs feel they need to completely rethink their operating models to be more resilient


of total software and platform company’s assets are not actively protected by security programs


of organizations don’t have the right commercial operating model to prevent siloed operations


of SaaS companies expect product led growth (PLG) to be a standard component of go-to-market practices

What you can do

Drive better product design, decision-making and engineering with services, tooling and runbooks deployable at every phase of the product lifecycle.


decrease in platform development costs by involving customers early in the product lifecycle

Capture dynamic customer demands by establishing a continuous and integrated feedback mechanism, then leverage analytics to improve your products.


of consumers don’t want to interact with a sales representative while making product purchase decisions

Optimize the revenue potential from your existing and planned product portfolio by reinventing your commercial operations. New business models such as subscriptions, value-based, freemium, as-a-service and hybrid models provide a more comprehensive offering to customers and increase ARPU.


of S&P companies are exploring new commercial models

Secure your products with robust quality assurance (QA) processes—from design to launch—to minimize vulnerabilities, enhance brand reputation and address potential issues before they reach your customers.


of total software and platform company’s assets are actively protected by a security program

Strategically investing in channel partners’ network can drive 32% potential growth in lead generation, expanded reach of products and a decrease in customer acquisition costs.


higher revenue growth for organizations that have embraced ecosystem partnerships

Meet our leaders

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