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ALIP New Business

Enabling carriers to rapidly and cost effectively process applications and automate underwriting.


Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) New Business enables carriers to rapidly and cost effectively process applications and automate underwriting. ALIP delivers flexible data collection and data validation during the application process, increasing ease of use while eliminating data quality issues. We also use an automated decision engine that can rapidly and consistently help evaluate underwriting risk analysis. Streamlining the underwriting process, issuing policies faster, improving retention and enabling agents and underwriters to communicate.


Reduce cost per policy issued
Automate your interfaces to vendors, systematically analyze results and automate workflow for task generation.

Decrease policy acquisition costs
Eliminate the re-work and re-submitting of Not-In-Good-Order cases and the automation of otherwise manual processes.

Validate data in real-time
Users have the flexibility to configure validations to occur at any point during the new business process, increasing In-Good-Order cases.

More effectively evaluate underwriting risk
Use rules to evaluate data on a consistent basis.

Improve underwriting decision speed and efficiency
Utilize rules to determine clean cases, make automated decisions and route more complex cases.

Improve service to customers
Benefit from our advanced usability features and an efficient, flexible new business application process.

Improve operational efficiency
Our out-of-the-box solution with pre-configured processes allows for the automation of business processes.

Increase mobility
Our Web-based solution reduces agent processing errors and supports electronic signatures and forms generation.

Integrate with underwriting vendors
Interfaces to third-party vendors such as Exam One, PortaMedic and MIB streamline and automate the underwriting process.


Configurable underwriting guidelines and rules react to the consumer's application responses and requirement results, providing automatic decisions.

Consolidated views
A consolidated underwriter's workbench helps maintain all case data in one place.

Our workflow enables automated processing and requirements tracking for each step of the policy lifecycle, improving accuracy and reducing cycle times.

Automated interfaces to third-party vendors help to further streamline and automate the underwriting process.