Ryan Oakes

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Global Public Service

"​​Government and higher education institutions must take bold steps in how they design ​ "

About Ryan

Ryan Oakes leads Accenture’s global Public Sector practice. Organizations in this sector face complex challenges that increasingly demand radical transformation of processes and operations. Ryan leads a multidisciplinary team helping public sector entities worldwide forge a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs—and reimagine how they can address those needs in the digital age.

Ryan has over 20 years’ experience in the sector. He has worked with state, county and city governments, some of the largest and most prestigious universities, and public sector entities in transport, energy, health, and other industries. He advocates taking a bold, collaborative, and transformational approach to driving progress and is recognized for his ability to successfully strategize, ideate and implement complex, largescale and mission-critical solutions, driving change across policy, people, technology, and service delivery.

He joined Accenture in 1997, inspired by a personal commitment to the public sector, sustainable education and true transformation in government. Before his current role, Ryan led Accenture’s North America Public Sector, Global Human Services and the North America Higher Education practices. He is Chair of the Board of the Business Higher Education Forum in the US. In 2020, he was rated among the Top 25 Government IT Executives by IT Services Report.

Ryan regularly presents at industry conferences and events, develops thought leadership for Accenture’s Public Sector practice, and contributes to industry publications.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from Connecticut College in the USA.

Authored blogs

Read Ryan’s latest thinking in Accenture’s Voices from Public Service.

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Governments should open the aperture as they seek innovative approaches to today’s uncertainty.

Authored content

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Accenture helps clients transform ways of working while balancing productivity and safety.

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