About Ryan

During college, Ryan spent four summers working 18-hour days at a camp for mentally and physically disabled children and adults. Those experiences sparked his passion for supporting the most vulnerable members of society—and finding ways to make their lives better. Today, Ryan lives that passion by leading Accenture’s North America Public Sector business serving government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Ryan has worked in the Public Sector industry since joining Accenture as a new college graduate in 1997. Over more than two decades, he’s played key roles in transforming state, county and city governments as well as reshaping operations at some of the country’s largest and most prestigious universities. While the depth and breadth of his expertise has continually evolved, one thing has stayed the same: Ryan’s commitment to helping clients reshape what they do and how they do it for the benefit of the people they serve.

Ryan has a strong point of view that it’s no longer enough to tune and tweak longstanding approaches within government agencies and educational institutions. Organizations now have unprecedented opportunity for radical transformation: Technology is now more accessible as an enabler and partnerships are more essential. Better outcomes are more attainable.

It’s time to get serious about what’s broken and work aggressively to fix it. Every day Ryan leads Accenture Public Sector in helping clients forge a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs—and reimagine how they can address those needs in the digital age.

Bold ideas for better outcomes

Reflections on the 2018 health & human services summit.

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