MWC19 overview

Accenture will showcase the New Applied Now to demonstrate how Applied Intelligence - our unique approach to automation, analytics and artificial intelligence - is changing how we live and work, and how we can help clients scale their transformation. Learn more.

Fira Gran Via, Av. Joan Carles I, 64, 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona

Accenture on stage

Applied AI forum (invite only)

Learn lessons from companies that are successfully applying AI to transform their business, drive cultural change and deliver process transformation.

Mobile world live TV

Hear about the important topic of Gender Equality as part Accenture’s official sponsorship of the Women4Tech Summit.

Accenture & Bloomberg CEO forum (invite only)

Join Accenture and Bloomberg for this exclusive CEO speaking platform focused on B2B opportunities for Telcos and enterprises.

GSMA & Red Hat Women4Tech roundtable (invite only)

This Women4Tech roundtable, in partnership with Red Hat, will provide unique opportunity to have frank conversations about gender and equality.

Industry 4.0: Blockchains/Supply chains/Logistics

Examine the state of logistics and supply chain today, asking whether the flow of data is as capably managed as the flow of goods, and more.

Fjord Trends 2019

Look at what’s ahead for the future of business, technology and design. Get to the core of the human side of Applied Intelligence.

Moderating panel: The next generation

The “next generation” applies to technology and people. Panelists will show how intelligent connectivity is a unifier across geographies and ages.

Moderating panel: AI in advertising

Join this pragmatic session debating some powerful use cases for AI in advertising, featuring some of the most renowned marketing thought-leaders.

Moderating panel: Blockchain touch vs Trust points

Learn how consumers can know whether a company’s blockchain practices are really securing their personal information?

Unlocking the value of data in healthcare

Understand how the more technology is used, personal data security becomes one of the biggest challenges. Who owns our data and is it safe?

Moderating panel: Beyond trials

Hear experiences and lessons learned from companies testing new technologies to look at how different approaches can help produce significant results.

Digital identity 2.0

Users want an easy and fast digital operation, but they are increasingly concerned about the security of their data. How can we get them to trust us?

Immersive healthcare: A virtual revolution

Learn how 5G will surely serve to increase the spread of immersive and virtual healthcare services.

Panelist: Empowering

We all can feel pressure to lead a “perfect” life. Join this panel as they debate what it takes to have it all, and more importantly, do we want it?

Are we facing a talent crisis in AI?

As AI becomes more utilised and relied upon to enhance our lives, it is important that we ensure responsible development and deployment. Learn how.

Moderating panel: Fairer workplace policies

Participate in a provoking conversation on how diversity drives innovation and growth in all industries.

Fireside chat with Good-Loop and Raye7’s

Participate in a fireside chat with Amy Williams, CEO & Co-Founder, Good-Loop and Samira Negm, CEO & Founder, Raye7.

AI, Machine learning and your access network

Examine how Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionise how operators compete and grow. Learn how all this magic can be usefully applied.

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Trend talks

Multi-client sessions are a great opportunity to hear from our experts on the latest trends and insights from Accenture research. Hot topics include Tech Vision and Fjord Trends.

Trend Talk | February 25, 26 & 28 I various times

Fjord Trends 2019

Find out why now’s the time for a digital spring-cleaning so we can decide what still has value and relevance to our lives.

Trend Talk | February 25-27 I various times

2019 Accenture Technology Vision

Hear what world-changing tech trends like quantum computing and extended reality leaders will use to power the next wave of innovation.

Trend Talk | February 25-27 at various times

Fjord Tour: Around the MWC World in 80 Minutes

Fjord will be your Sherpas on a curated trend-spotting and insight-gathering trip, hitting all the hot spots of MWC.

Trend Talk | February 26-27 I various times

Intelligent Technologies in Today’s Supply Chain

Learn how new intelligent technologies are solving supply chain complexities and best practices in adoption.

Trend Talk | February 25-27 I various times

Digital Reinvention of the Products and Industries

We'll share research from our book on rethinking product strategy, engineering and company culture to build future generations of 'Living Products.'

Demos and workshops

Our content brings to life how Accenture is applying the power of data, automation, analytics and AI. See, touch, experience leading-edge content that showcases real world examples and the NEW possible with Applied Intelligence.

New Ways of Working Demos | February 25-28

Front Office Demo Cluster

Experience how we’re helping clients to better market and merchandise their products as well as satisfy their customers all at a lower cost structure.

New Ways of Working Demos | February 25-28

Back Office Demo Cluster

Experience how we're helping combat counterfeiting, illicit sales and detecting fake documents to better secure the supply chain from the Dark Web.

New Ways of Working Demos | February 25-28

Factory Floor Demo Cluster

See the work we’re doing in aerospace and defense, heavy industry and pharma to drive operational efficiencies.

New Ways of Working Demos | February 25-28

Applied Intelligence Platform Garage

Get under the hood to tinker with the art of the possible now. Experience how Systems of Intelligence are accelerating innovation and transformation.

New Ways of Living Demos | February 25-28

Shopping Demo Cluster

Check out how we are creating dynamic experiences for our clients’ customers as well as unlock new data sources to further personalize engagement.

New Ways of Living Demos | February 25-28

On the Go Demo Cluster

Explore the work we’re doing with our clients to launch new products and services to drive revenue growth.

New Ways of Living Demos | February 25-28

Around Town Demo Cluster

From public transit to smart venues, experience the work we’re doing with clients such as Metro de Madrid, Etisilat and Shell.

New Ways of Living Demos | February 25-28

Mobility 2039: Where are we going next?

Jump forward 20 years. Come and see how we imagine mobility might be in 2039.

Workshops | February 25-28

Cross Industry & Communications Industry Workshops

What key actions can you take to transform your business across every function? Join our luminaries with real examples and interactive discussions.