Over the past decade, health and human services officials around the world have torn down silos, forged dynamic collaborations, built vibrant ecosystems and created person-centric services that have improved opportunities for individuals, families and communities to thrive.​

What’s foremost on the mind of leaders is igniting the vision and mission for a generative future—one in which services and solutions not only address the complex root causes and barriers to better health and human services outcomes, but also invest in community-driven innovation in order to build the social and economic mobility that help individuals and families to flourish. This level of purpose, passion and impact for the future will require courageous leadership.​

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

2018 Highlights

In October 2018, Human Service leaders gathered to discuss a number of different challenges and opportunities facing Health and Human Services.

For this summit we took a deeper look at the important role of ecosystems in producing meaningful and sustainable outcomes for individuals, families and society.

"In addition to working with ecosystems at different stages of maturity, participants had an opportunity to experience firsthand some of the challenges caseworkers face through virtual reality training."

– ADELAIDE O'BRIEN, Research Director – IDC Government Insights

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