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We help individuals around the world drive improved economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

Skills to Succeed changes lives

We are continually innovating to find new ways of creating and building more inclusive career pathways so everyone has access to sustainable careers.

Through our ongoing Skills to Succeed initiatives, we support people in our communities with the skills to make substantive improvements to their lives.

Claire | UK

Nonprofit partner: FutureLearn

After leaving school at age 15, Claire realized her passion was making jewelry. She set up her own business but struggled with digital marketing and building an online presence. By taking Accenture Digital Skills courses through FutureLearn, Claire learned how to leverage the power of digital, manage different online channels and improve social media campaigns for her business.

Claire gained newfound confidence in her digital skills and saw a real difference in her business through more traffic to its website.

“Before I discovered Accenture Digital Skills, I’d never been good with computers. The really good thing about [it] is it’s open to all and it’s free. If it’s free you should go for it!” – Claire

Claire’s Story: Accenture Digital Skills

Accenture Digital Skills focuses on closing the UK skills gap by equipping people with the necessary digital knowledge.

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Tiffany and Tyrone | US

Taking a Leap to Make a Difference

Tiffany Hoang and Tyrone Botelho got the skills and mentoring they needed to build their business through Accenture's Skills to Succeed partner Youth Business USA.

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Nonprofit partner: Youth Business USA (YBUSA)

When Tiffany and Tyrone decided to launch their own business, they had little support. YBUSA's Sky's The Limit platform provided them with the resources, skills and mentoring to be successful.

Tiffany and Tyrone are the proud founders of CircleUp Education, a social enterprise that aims to eliminate racism and discrimination in the workplace.

“We have a passion for the work we do, bringing people together and understanding their differences." – Tiffany

Cristiano | Italy

Nonprofit partner: Job Stations

Losing his father, his job and his relationship sent Cristiano into a major depression. Job Stations provided training and support, so Cristiano could leverage his (dis)ability in a smart way.

Being part of a team at Accenture with co-workers who also face mental health struggles has helped Cristiano feel safe and increased his sense of community.

"Every day I do my best to give meaning to my existence." – Cristiano

Workplace Inclusion Model for People with Disabilities

Job Stations are pioneering remote working centers where people with mental illness succeed in providing remote services to businesses.

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Natali | Brazil

Accenture in the Future: Natali’s Story

Accenture in the Future has trained more than 340 young people, and more than 140 are employed full time.

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Nonprofit partner: Start

Natali had 10 years of experience as a bartender, but, without advanced training or education, her job options were limited. Through Start, a Rede Cidadã and Instituto Ser Mais initiative, Natali gained digital and business skills to pursue a career in technology.

Natali is now an IT Customer Service Associate at Accenture and hopes to get a degree and learn English, with the goal of working for Accenture abroad.

"My hard work was worthwhile, and the best choice I could have made." – Natali

Arasu | India

Nonprofit partner: Leonard Cheshire Disability

Childhood polio left Arasu with a physical disability, and, after graduating from university, he struggled to find work, lacking confidence and basic job skills. Through Leonard Cheshire Disability's Livelihoods Resource Centre, he developed computer and communication skills and secured a job as proof reader for a publishing company.

After three years on the job, Arasu returned to school to pursue his dream—teaching—using the savings from his salary to pay his tuition.

"The Learning Resource Centre helped me realize my potential and acquire the skills I needed to get a job.” – Arasu

José | Bolivia

Skills to Succeed | Fundación Entreculturas: José

Through Skills to Succeed partner, Fundación Entreculturas, José Huana Cayo developed the skills to secure employment.

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Nonprofit partner: Fundación Entreculturas

José was working in construction, with no long-term contracts—a very physical job, in which he saw no future. Through Entreculturas, José developed the skills to secure a three-month internship, which led to permanent employment at the same company.

José enjoys the motivation and stability his new job provides at the silo-making company.

"Having a stable job makes me feel sure of myself and independent to make decisions." – José

Zara and Ruby | Ireland

Nonprofit partner: CoderDojo

Before joining CoderDojo, Zara and Ruby's only exposure to computers was playing internet games and videos. With the help of mentors, both girls have gained valuable technology skills, including coding and robotics. They have a passion for learning and are an inspiration to their peers.

In 2017, Ruby and Zara won their age category for the European Digital Girl of the Year Award.

"CoderDojo has changed my life—I want to study robotics and become a scientist." – Zara

Angélica | Spain

Juntos por el Empleo: Angélica

Emprende +, a digital tool created by Juntos por el Empleo de los Más Vulnerables, helped Angélica set up her business.

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Nonprofit partner: Juntos por el Empleo de los Más Vulnerables

Angélica had worked at department stores but was unable to find a long-term position. Emprende +, a digital tool created by Juntos por el Empleo de los Más Vulnerables, helped Angélica strengthen her skills and learn about customer care, product buying and selling and other aspects of entrepreneurship.

Angélica now owns a shop in Madrid where she sells farm products and is thinking of expanding her business. Her spirit of entrepreneurship was recognized with the Spanish Red Cross 'Premios Empleando +' Award.

"My dream of owning a business has come true." – Angélica

Loran, Evan and Clarissa | US

Celebrating Our Veterans at Accenture

Accenture's video shows how our veteran hires have thrived through our Skills to Succeed partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF).

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Nonprofit partner: Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)

As military veterans, Loran, Evan and Clarissa participated in the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)'s Onward to Opportunity program, which provides training, certification and transitional employment support to military personnel and their spouses.

The program helped Loran, Evan and Clarissa transition from military to civilian life by finding meaningful employment opportunities at Accenture.

"Just go for it. Don't be afraid. You have nothing to lose." – Evan

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