Spotlight: Creating lasting value in a time of change

Stories of how we reimagine our corporate landscape

Elevating Accenture’s ESG reporting

Accenture launches a new 360° Value Reporting Experience that brings together, for the first time, all our financial and environmental, social and governance metrics, progress and performance in one place, supporting transparency and accountability to our ESG goals and progress.


Zero trust strategy: Cloud security by design

Accenture reimagines its security-first approach by enforcing highly effective security policies, resources, and services to every aspect of the cloud security journey so we can operate with agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Accessibility in every moment

Accenture creates a barrier-free workplace with access to the latest technology, tools, and training to enable all persons with different abilities to thrive.


Case studies

How Accenture provides the right experiences, tools and environment to work in a modern way.

Accenture runs our business in the public cloud which enables them to operate with agility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Accenture is getting its people back into offices confidently and safely.

We reimagined the sales function to win sales with ingenuity and technology.

Accenture reimagines the way we work with an intelligent cash solution.

How Accenture combined technology and people to manage unprecedented change during COVID-19.

Using a digital, analytics-driven platform to enhance our client relationships and grow our business.

Moving our SAP S/4HANA system to the cloud on Microsoft Azure brings insight, agility and efficiency.

How we reimagined Accenture Finance to benefit our company, clients and our people.

Accenture uses Microsoft Teams to modernize and augment its digital workforce in changing times.

Accenture adopts SAP® Ariba® to harness change and create business value in procurement.

Reimagining business services to better serve clients and enable Accenture growth and resilience.

Our seasoned acquisition capability is a strategic lever in capturing value and fueling organic growth.

New ways procurement can achieve sustainable value.

We’re putting data and analytics in the hands of Accenture people for business insights and action.

How we’re optimizing around speed, sustainability and spend to realize the full value of the cloud.

See how we bring change to life with our clients and in our communities and with our employees.

A changing world of cyber threats leads us to mature our defenses to fortify our security posture.


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Watch our stories of innovation, change and experience come to life.

KC McClure

Accenture Finance Reimagined - Getting to the future first

Innovation in IT

IT Innovation at Accenture

Accenture's SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure journey

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Our Accenture leaders share their own insights on how we are driving change inside Accenture to bring value to our clients.

How we're finding new ways to bring accessibility to the workplace

Find out how we help all our people work productively, whether from one of our offices, at home, at a client site or on the go.

How your business can prepare for the worst by being ready with the best

We need to invest in the technologies and digital workforce that can give us the flexibility we need to make the impossible, possible.

Want a competitive edge? Embrace cloud continuum

Learn how you can use the cloud to transform how you interact with customers, partners, and employees.

How we shaped a value-led finance transformation

Accenture’s CFO KC McClure shares how Accenture reimagined finance to drive value and innovation for the organization, our clients, and people.

Why you need to change culture to make cloud a success

Accenture's Don Galzarano shares how we have shifted our culture and practices to become cloud native.

Is your Finance function future ready?

Accenture's Carsten Poulsen shares how our finance functions are focused on delivering value and becoming more effective business advisors.

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Our Spotlight podcasts highlight how our teams are pushing the boundaries of innovation at Accenture.

Hear how intelligent automation has become one of the most powerful means of driving performance and value across global organizations.

Learn more about our vision and strategy for how we look at Enterprise IT at Accenture, focusing on security, cloud, platforms, data and more.

Hear how VR is opening up a whole new opportunity for us to deliver more experiential, more immersive learning opportunities.

Learn about closed loop spend management and the role it's playing in Accenture's procurement transformation.

With 95% of our applications in the cloud and clients across the globe, hear how Accenture is keeping our data secure.

Learn about the advantages of low code and how it’s becoming a normal part of our everyday vocabulary.

Hear how we’re extracting the most value from the cloud and how we’re optimizing our cloud strategy.

Learn how investments in cloud, AI and other technologies are increasing revenues.


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