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Case Study

Creating a single global SAP® system instance

Accenture shares its journey and guiding principles to attaining ERP flexibility, quality, system performance and cost-effectiveness

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

“Many organizations believe that attaining a single instance involves making significant trade-offs. Accenture’s experience, however, has shown that we can attain high flexibility, quality and performance at a low cost. Today, we can position Accenture for the future better, faster and cheaper.”

— Eli Lambert, Managing Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms, Accenture

A valuable difference

Enables Accenture’s single economic model and standard global processes to facilitate the business with access to consistent, highly accurate information that drives decision making across the enterprise.

Helped reduce costs: IT costs fell by 64%, IT spend per person was cut by 73%, global applications fell from 600 to 246, and local applications dropped from 1,500 to 249—savings that were reinvested.

Enables Accenture’s financial processes and other core business functions to work in an integrated way.

Enables robust internal controls and reporting.

Reduced Accenture’s cost to serve for SAP solution support activities by more than 30% at the time.

Enables Accenture to accelerate the adoption of new SAP business capabilities.

Enables global IT to keep pace with operating and economic model changes.

Provides the ability to enable enterprise change and support future business growth.

Meet the team

Eli Lambert

Managing Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms

Gustavo Rigiroli

Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms

Michalene Schechter

Director – Global IT, SAP Platform Architecture