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Case Study

Elevating real estate portfolio planning

Using data in powerful ways and in real time to manage Accenture’s dynamic real estate portfolio.


Call for change

"Our real estate strategy is driven by Accenture’s business requirements. Now more than ever, we need to be agile and to lead with data in making decisions."

— GEORGINA POLKINGHORNE, Managing Director – Real Estate, Corporate Services & Sustainability, Accenture

When tech meets human ingenuity

Ability to project actuals

Projects different key performance indicators (KPIs) over a five-year time frame. Users may also update or overwrite KPIs at the base contract level.

Headcount planning

Supports projection of headcount growth and the impact on future space requirements and account for omni-connectivity.

Assessment of total required space

Automatically assesses total required space using utilization projections and headcount planning.

360° perspective

Helps differentiate contracts based on various factors to evaluate whether a building supports the experience we want our people to have.


Enables adjustments to the plan to be made if projections create a bigger gap compared to the current portfolio.

Live data insights and analysis

Provides live insights and calculations to some of the key KPIs. The solution also supports live visualizations, comparisons, and what-if analysis.

Global visibility and planning

Automates the comparison of required space versus projected space to plan at different levels and consolidates the data globally.

Calendar workflow

Supports the centralized monitoring of the planning process with a workflow of activities between different teams.

Forward-looking data and reporting

Automates forward-looking snapshots for month-to-month or year-to-year comparison reporting.

A valuable difference

Enhanced planning

Provides the ability to plan real estate requirements using multiple business scenarios.

Enhanced utilization evaluation

Enhances the ability to assess utilization on a lease-by-lease or location-specific basis.

Augmented decision making

Helps teams enter into real estate decisions that are the right fit and understand potential ways to manage risk.

Improved holistic view

Provides an improved holistic real estate portfolio view that includes properties under construction, leases to exit, and long-term leases to keep.

Potential cost savings

Holds the potential to deliver cost savings to Accenture through data-driven decision making.

"Our portfolio needs to support Accenture’s flexible, new ways of working, where our people experience omni-connectivity so they can perform on their best day, every day, while feeling connected and included regardless of physical location."

— MARGARET SMITH, Senior Managing Director and Executive Director – Corporate Services & Sustainability and Business Operations, Accenture

Meet the team

Margaret Smith

Senior Managing Director and Executive Director – Corporate Services & Sustainability and Business Operations

Georgina Polkinghorne

Managing Director – Real Estate, Corporate Services & Sustainability

Susan Best

Senior Manager – Real Estate, Corporate Services & Sustainability

Melissa Summers

Managing Director – Global IT, Corporate Technology

Eli Lambert

Managing Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms

Thomas Wienke

Senior Manager – Global IT, Corporate Technology

Srinivas Adabala

Director – Strategy & Consulting

Kumar Subramanian

Manager – Technology, Data Visualization