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Reinventing the energy data platform: OSDU on AWS

Join us at re:Invent!

Some big changes are in store for AWS re:Invent this year. First, it's an all-virtual conference, to be held November 30 – December 18. Second, it's free! The event will include 15+ leadership sessions, three keynotes and 450+ online sessions. Once again, Accenture is a top (Platinum) sponsor for the event, and the exclusive sponsor of the Executive Summit, an invitation-only gathering of global cloud leaders.

Your cloud plans are ready to realize with Accenture & AWS

Accenture is uniquely placed to leverage our AWS expertise

Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) Business Vision

Hear about new innovations from AABG

Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) Technical Vision

Delve deep into AABG technology ideas & innovation

Living in a cloud first world

Today’s pandemic has fast-forwarded cloud from an aspiration to an urgent mandate. Cloud’s growth curve has reached a major inflection point—and companies need to dramatically accelerate their own move to the cloud to stay on that curve. That’s why we formed Accenture Cloud First—a multi-service group that provides the full stack of cloud services to help clients across every industry become "cloud first" businesses that accelerate digital transformation, innovate faster, and create differentiated, sustainable value.

AWS is a critical player in helping companies succeed with their cloud-first strategies. Accenture and AWS see this moment in IT evolution as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform our clients’ businesses to operate and compete at unprecedented speed and scale.

This year at AWS re:Invent, attendees will be able to discuss the opportunity they have to create a cloud vision and plan, knowing they are “ready to realize” their cloud strategies.

Accenture and AWS on-demand speaking sessions

Learn from Accenture’s experience helping companies implement innovative solutions across a broad range of AWS technologies and services.

Mike Towers, Takeda; Shaan Mulchandani, Accenture | Dec. 2, 8:45-9:15am PST

Security-led transformation with Takeda and Accenture

Accenture and Takeda discuss a security-led approach to AWS adoption, helping Takeda realize its vision as the most trusted biopharma in the world.

Raffaele Menolascino, Accenture; Dean Phillips, AWS | Dec. 2, 10:30-11:00 AM PST

Alexa, charge my car! Accenture’s EV roaming platform

Learn how Accenture developed an EV roaming platform using the AWS Connected Vehicle Solution, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, and more.

Eyal Darmon, Accenture; Erik Farr, AWS | Dec. 3, 11:45 PM - 12:15 PM PST

Delivering professional services in a COVID world

Accenture is helping customers rapidly enable remote working for their global workforce while also protecting business continuity.

Roy A. Bacharach, Accenture; Kentis Gopalla, Amazon Connect | On-demand

Responsive customer service in times of change

Accenture is helping clients enable a remote workforce, rethink contact center operations, and reimagine customer experiences with Amazon Connect.

AWS Executive Summit

Accenture is the exclusive sponsor for the AWS re:Invent Executive Summit, an invitation-only event for global cloud leaders, to be held December 1 – 16. During the summit, Accenture will host a featured session with Takeda Pharmaceuticals:

Ready to Realize: Every Business as a Cloud-First Business, featuring Takeda
Takeda is achieving a cloud-first business transformation using data-driven insights to meet patient needs, while moving 80 percent of its applications to the cloud. Learn about Takeda’s “quick wins,” like leveraging the cloud for secure data sharing, and building an ecosystem for its Plasma-Derived Therapies business. You’ll learn how Takeda is overcoming obstacles to unleash the power of data and digital—early lessons such as aligning the business, setting aggressive timelines, and tackling technical debt.

Karl Hick, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Takeda
Leo Barella, Chief Technology Officer, Takeda

Hosted by:
Karthik Narain, Lead—Accenture Cloud


ACE+ - Contact center accelerator

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Portfolio optimization with quantum computing


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SAP AWS data lake accelerator

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Data-driven enterprises maximize the value of data and treat it as a strategic asset—using it for innovation and critical business decisions.

An SAP data lake accelerator facilitates rapid buildout of a data lake. Companies can improve speed to market as well as time to insight.

CFOs should be the custodian of digital information as the business becomes ever more dependent on deriving monetizable insights from data.

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