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The 6 key points

User experience

100% cloud solution

Full integration with your ERP system

Fully configurable

Sprint2IBP: 1st package qualified by SAP

Experienced and dedicated team


1. Align sales, finance and supply

2. React to sudden market change or unexpected events

3. Respond to customer and demand evolution

4. Plan rapidly in a time of cost pressure

5. Promote a collaborative and faster decision-making process


Integrated with MS Excel

IBP Excel add-in integrates the favorite UI for planners (MS Excel).

Fast with HANA DB

Relying on the calculation power of HANA DB, the entire supply network is recalculated in a couple of seconds.


SAP IBP is a highly configurable solution where the planning model figures your business requirements (constrained planning, infinite capacity planning, pooled capacity, sales forecasting, demand sensing etc.).

Unified with your planning data in SAP ECC

Our set of CPI preconfigured interfaces and our unique MRP planning data extractor provides you with a near "realtime" planning information into your planning views, and helps you jump-starting your implementation.

Scope of the solution

Industrial gain


  • Taking into account customer forecasts
  • Increase resource use
  • Improve stability and reliability of planning
  • Reduce planning cycle time

Machinery & equipment

  • Integrate S&OP and MPS processes
  • Increase resource use
  • Increase efficiency of the planning team
  • Reduce inventory
  • Align finance, demand and supply

Component suppliers

  • Integrate S&OP and MPS processes
  • Increase visibility and stability of planning
  • Improve suppliers’ forecasts
  • Reduce inventory

Our leaders

Marc-Antoine Peuch

Directeur Exécutif – Industry X, Production & Operations

Romain Durando

Sales Director – Accenture Industry X
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