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Powering reinvention with private wireless networks

avril 13, 2023 5-minutes de lecture


In brief

Connectivity is the enabler of industry reinvention

Industry needs more from its networks

Why private wireless networks are gaining momentum

Private wireless creates new possibilities

Accessible and open

Flexible, always-on networks provide reliable coverage and an “anywhere and everywhere” approach to digital consumption across industrial sites.

Secure and trusted

Enhanced security across IT and OT, with important business data authorized, encrypted and wrapped in zero-trust security protocols.


A change-ready, automated, and highly adaptable platform able to scale in place, support innovation, and grow with business needs.

High performing

High availability and low latency suitable for mission-critical industrial applications, with the ability to monitor and prioritize traffic.

Towards a private wireless future

Time to get started

Shape the strategy

Define the vision, use cases, devices, spectrum and security needs to deliver maximum value to the business. Use accelerator tools like Accenture’s patent-pending Private Wireless Accelerator to tie the vision to outcomes that drive real, measurable value.

Accelerate the value

Set up a global delivery management capability, including a value realization office, procurement, planning and control. Consider a factory approach to execution—prepare, deploy, test, cutover, operate—to deliver fast, cost effective and low-risk network evolution for the business.

Run and optimize

Plan how to run the private wireless network in the most efficient and effective way to maximize the value. Optimize and harmonize private wireless networks, edge and cloud operations with a mix of upskilled employees, external expertise, and AI-powered automation.

Plan for a private wireless future

Jefferson Wang

Senior Managing Director – Global Technology Convergence Lead

Jefferson helps clients shape, build and run modern networks. He is the lead author of the best-selling book “The Future Home in the 5G Era”.

Kevin Kapich

Principal Director – Critical Networks Lead, 5G and Networks Practice

Kevin has over 20 years of experience working across industries to help shape, build and run network connectivity solutions related to private 5G.

Get the essentials

Short on time

1 minute read

Connectivity is today’s industry enabler

Total Enterprise Reinvention relies on a strong digital core—with connectivity as a critical component.