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COVID-19: Building the intelligent enterprise to create agility and resiliency

April 22, 2020

Reimagining organizations in times of crisis


of businesses feel the pace of disruption has increased over the past three years.


of companies say their very existence is jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace.


of executives cite slow decision-making as a barrier to agility.

Responding to the Now

Some of the capabilities critical to withstand the crisis include:

  • Robust business continuity plans for end-to-end value chains, including crisis command centers
  • Expansive scenario planning and swift response
  • Well-structured ecosystems and networks with partners, competitors and academic institutions
  • Advanced technologies, cloud-based systems and collaboration tools to enable an elastic digital workplace
  • Empowered business leaders and simplified governance structures that enable speed and agility

Building agile value chains

Experimenting for the Next

Crisis command centers need to evolve:

  • Monitoring productivity by running process mining and other business process management tools as employees perform daily work tasks
  • Providing digital tools and trainings to improve employee experiences, promote collaboration, and enable rapid reskilling
  • Redistributing workloads across the ecosystem based on better matching work volumes with the competencies and capacity across the global network

Industry players are already experimenting:

  • Challenging myths and ways of working that inhibit speed
  • Sustaining flexible working to become a more human, liquid enterprise
  • Developing dynamic sensing capabilities, combining forecasting, decision support, and analytics
  • Building new partnerships to drive innovation
  • Leveraging analytics to manage integrated demand and supply and overall productivity

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