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INTIENT Clinical

Transforming the clinical experience

Thought leadership

Accelerating momentum: Digital innovation in clinical trials

Finding patient solutions faster

Accessible knowledge

Find, exchange and reuse your organization’s expertise and memory.

Liquid workforce

Collaborate with your workforce and partners with agility to operate with a common set of goals in mind.

Digital trust

Have confidence in your people and processes with data, information and documents enabled by a single source of information.

Intelligent automation

Operate in ways you’ve never imaged with your people, digital solutions and services.

Predictable disruption

Embed innovation with line of sight to success—enabled by one flexible platform



One comprehensive technology platform to master the flow of data.

INTIENT Research

Drive life sciences research collaboration and innovation through our combination of scientific expertise, consulting capabilities and global scale.

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance

Embed real-time AI, machine learning, robotic process automation and advanced scientific analytics.


Better support patients from clinical trials through ongoing treatment and wellness programs.


Providing the right level of partnership to enable access to innovation for INTIENT Platform users.

MAE: Next-generation in statistical computing

A demo of INTIENT Clinical capabilities

INTIENT Clinical product suite demo

Meet our lead