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Finding new and better ways to unlock data, increase collaboration, improve engagement and transform your business with the power of cloud computing.

Transform your business with cloud

The cloud is one of the most value-creating technologies of our time. It is the foundation for the digital transformation that is driving profound changes in how life sciences companies operate, compete and create value for all their stakeholders.

The reality today is that it currently costs too much to identify and develop treatments—a cost that is passed onto consumers and health systems. The result is that many people struggle to access or afford vital treatments.

Unmet patient and HCP needs—as well as affordability and return on investments—are at the forefront of industry leaders’ minds, many of whom understand that cloud computing is not only worthwhile but required to achieve business goals.

If used effectively, cloud can help reduce that cost for biopharma companies and, ultimately, help make healthcare more affordable.

"The next three years in life sciences will be critical to the evolution of our industry. Companies that adopt cloud across the enterprise will be best positioned to better capitalize on the immediate and long-term future."

— Geoff Schmidt, Cloud First Life Sciences

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Why cloud? Why now?

For life sciences companies, the cloud’s virtue is not just about running a more efficient business, lowering costs and computing on demand. When part of an overall digital strategy that runs across the entire enterprise, cloud has the ability to:

Unlock data

Unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn't even know you had.

Collaborate better across the ecosystem

After assessing your goals, we’ll work with you to define the right cloud solution for your business needs and deliver it at speed.

Create more meaningful patient and HCP engagement

Helping life sciences companies provide more informed, connected patient support.

Transform culture to embrace new ways of working

The talent that is needed to do all this well is in short supply globally.

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Technology Vision 2021 for life sciences

Leaders don’t sit back & wait for the “new normal”

The path to value

Our recent survey discovered that compared to other industries, life sciences companies ranked the lowest in achieving their expected innovation, data access and analytics goals from cloud computing.


said they are not realizing the full benefits of their cloud migration journeys.


said they are very satisfied with the cloud outcomes achieved to date.


were confident that their organization’s cloud migration initiatives will deliver the expected value at the expected time.

A new approach to cloud in life sciences

For many leaders, using some cloud capabilities is enough for them to believe that they are agile and cloud-driven—but simply moving parts of the business to the cloud does not ensure business value.

Cloud requires a commitment to experiment, fail, and improve next time. Using cloud as a technology "cost of doing business" puts the focus on legacy barriers instead of the art of the possible when the business is aligned on goals and outcomes.

We asked senior business and IT execs from 70 life sciences companies to understand their cloud strategies, progress to date and plans for the future.

Power of three – Takeda, AWS and Accenture

Global biopharmaceutical leader, Takeda, formed a Power of Three collaboration with Accenture and AWS to accelerate their cloud-driven business transformation to a data driven, outcomes-based biopharmaceutical company. By moving 80% of their applications to the cloud and focusing on new digital platforms that provide greater access to innovation capabilities, they will accelerate drug development, increase operational agility, reduce technology costs and create the workforce of the future.

Cloud Services

The cloud imperative in life sciences

Moving to the cloud gives life sciences companies an opportunity to unlock data, collaborate across the ecosystem, improve engagement & more. Our report gives guidance on how to accelerate the move and derive your greatest value from cloud computing.



Weaving the digital thread for life sciences

The digital thread works to tackle the ongoing challenges within life sciences through greater connectivity & data visibility across the ecosystem.

How MedTechs can boost growth with the cloud

Accenture's Thomas Kawalec discusses how MedTech companies can boost revenue growth by leveraging cloud technology.

The case for going all in on cloud in life sciences

Geoff Schmidt shares six strategies for cloud adoption success for life sciences companies.

Case studies

INTIENT Clinical helps global biopharmaceutical company get life-saving drugs through clinical trial processes more efficiently.

Bristol Myers Squibb upgrades global SAP to S/4HANA in the AWS cloud flawlessly and without business disruption.

With data integration provided by Accenture, Roche's NAVIFY® Tumor Board is changing the way tumor board meetings are organized and conducted.

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Accenture and Organon team up to drive digital transformation for better patient and employee experiences

Accenture has been selected by Organon to help establish and manage the transformation of the company’s ERP technology into a cloud-based digital core.

Most companies continue to struggle to realize full business value from their Cloud initiatives, Accenture report finds

One in four organizations are hindered by unexpected complications with cloud migrations.

Takeda accelerates digital transformation with Accenture and AWS

Collaboration will leverage cloud and data-driven insights to accelerate drug development, increase agility and reduce costs.

Awards and recognition

Capturing the full business value from cloud is both necessary and complicated. Discover how our recognition and awards distinguish us as the right partner to help you define and implement the right cloud strategy for your business.


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