Milan Industry X Innovation Center for Engineering

A center dedicated to innovation in large industrial and infrastructure investment projects – specifically capital projects.

Experience innovation in a new way

Milan Innovation Center is part of our global Industry X Innovation Network. But it has a uniqueness associated with it – it is our first ever center that specializes in driving innovation solutions for large industrial projects. Together with our colleagues and partners we bring to the market a unique mix of digital and sector experience to create new solutions.

And through access to new, cutting-edge, technologies we help our clients’ projects achieve higher levels of security, transparency and collaboration, along with reduced construction costs and increased time to market.

"This center makes a tangible contribution to restarting the engines of our country and enables change that will help the industry address the challenges of digital transformation."

— Mauro Marchiaro, Industry X, Strategy and Consulting Lead – Accenture Italy

What to expect

An environment fueled by collaboration across EPC contractor teams, our clients and suppliers. A space to experience agile and advanced solutions.

Ideation and innovation

Discover scalable solutions to optimize and drive efficiencies in industrial processes, through new technology.

Customized services

Bespoke customer support for projects, to help increase production capacity and efficiency.


Improved competitive edge and effectiveness for EPC Contractors – all the way from defining the project through to the delivery of the plant.

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Creativity meets technology

An immersive environment

A one-of-a-kind space spread across 1400sqm, where we co-create new strategies and solutions, with our customers and clients, by leveraging new technology. An area where we support and foster creativity, sharing of ideas and innovation.

Innovation in action

Our aim is to bring latest in innovation to you through real-world use cases, enhanced by immersive experiences and new technology, that can be leveraged and applied across diverse business groups.

Engineering & project management

Document management developed through the project execution process, enriched by production and execution indicators related to engineering and design.


Improved operator productivity through virtual training and advanced monitoring to make a construction site safer than before.


Improved operator productivity through virtual training and advanced monitoring to make a construction site safer than before.

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Welcome to our Milan innovation center

Listen to our leaders and experts as they talk about our new center.

Our ecosystem network

We are an aggregator of the diverse and complex ecosystem of technology partners, associations and universities to combine synergies – to help drive innovation and digitization of enterprises.

"Technological evolution in the Engineering ecosystem will make our city stronger and help businesses create scalable solutions to compete more effectively on the international market."

— Giuseppe Sala, Mayor – Milan

Meet our lead