NPL prevention and default management

COVID-19 is driving a wave of loan delinquencies. Our end-to-end solution helps banks bridge the gap for their clients between stimulus and recovery.

How we can help: An end-to-end solution

Even if the hope of additional government support is realized, banks will need to provide more effective, personalized assistance to their clients, and to manage their loan portfolios more efficiently. Accenture has developed a solution to help you create a client-centric strategy that draws on internal and external data, leverages technology and augments the skills of your workforce.

Together, we can be proactive in preventing defaults as well as managing delinquencies during and beyond the global health crisis.

Three pillars of a holistic approach

Decades of credit management experience with more than 100 major global lenders, combined with deep technology skills, provide a comprehensive solution to manage loan defaults. Our three pillars are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Execution excellence

We use technology to enable fast change, including a focus on the skills of your workforce.

Insights to action

Using internal and external data, we leverage AI to provide early warnings of potential loan defaults and to help you respond intelligently.

Service enablement

We ensure your back office is automated as much as possible and can provide the support that you need at scale.

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We help you get results

Our NPL solution will help you turn crisis into opportunity. No matter what your goals are, you can deliver results at speed and scale. In similar past experiences, our banking clients have achieved:


reduction in processing costs


point improvement in collection rate


point increase in early identification of defaults (from 30% to 55%)

See the solution first hand

We have created a demo that shows you, in just 30 minutes, how our NPL solution could help you develop and implement an incisive, effective prevention and delinquency management approach. Reach out below to request a virtual demo and to discuss how the solution can meet your specific needs.


What we think

Our research confirms that while SMEs remain critical, they can also represent a difficult segment.

As banks face a crisis ignited by COVID-19, they need to address four areas to help customers.

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