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Re-inventing in-car experiences with Faurecia

Worked with automotive supplier Faurecia to develop services for connected, autonomous vehicle “cockpits” for driver safety and comfort.

Exploring human + machine fashion advice

Worked with the Council of Fashion Designers of America on the “smart retail store” and AI-augmented fashion advice.

Reimagining entertainment with Disney

We joined the Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB as an Innovation Partner, helping design and prototype future entertainment experiences.

Enhanced human-robot teaming for the smart factory

With IoT sensors providing enhanced situational awareness, robots can perform multi-modal interactions in complex scenarios with human teammates.

Virtual teleportation and remote collaboration

The Sophia Antipolis Lab developed a “teleportation” application to support collaborative working from disparate locations, using virtual reality.

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VR merchandising solution with eye tracking

Accenture teamed with Qualcomm and Kellogg’s to reinvent how brands and retailers gather consumer data and perform research.

Accenture Extended Reality (XR) designed an immersive experience based on the brand's real-world need to test the planogram, assortment and pricing strategy for the launch of Pop Tarts Bites.

What truly set the VR-driven results apart? Additional insights from the eye-tracking analytics, providing a wider window into the shopper's behavior than you typically would get from traditional testing methods like in-home user tests, or online surveys.

The VR testing revealed that when the Pop Tarts Bites were placed on a lower shelf – rather than higher up where consumers typically expect to find new products – testers paid more attention to other surrounding Pop Tarts products. That stimulated additional sales of Pop Tarts items, with an overall 18 percent brand sales increase during testing.

Thus, mobile VR with eye-tracking delivered a different, more informed and wholistic merchandising conclusion.

VR Merchandising Solution with Eye Tracking

Accenture teamed with Qualcomm and Kellogg’s to reinvent how brands and retailers gather consumer data and perform research. See more.

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