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Accenture Credit Services

Helping lenders and servicers restructure and gain efficiencies in a changing market.


Accenture’s credit transformation services and operating capabilities are valued by residential mortgage, commercial lending, leasing and auto financing institutions around the world. Our deep credit domain expertise, systems integration and management, software and large-scale processing capabilities help clients overcome industry challenges and become high-performing credit institutions.

Accenture has proven, unmatched, end-to-end capabilities to help clients transform their operations and position for high performance.

We can deliver:

  • A Full Range of Credit Services. Accenture provides a full suite of market-leading capabilities across technology, consulting and processing. We help clients tackle the systemic and well-publicized challenges in today’s credit industry.

  • An Industrialized Credit Process. Accenture uses a flexible right-shore model based on lean manufacturing processes that delivers cost efficiency, high quality, and a superb customer experience.

  • Deep Credit Domain Expertise. We work with more than 100 major credit institutions helping to re-engineer processes, optimize workforce strategies, implement better technology and streamline operations.

  • Licensure Compliance. With industry leading license coverage in 49 states plus DC, and a growing number of approved licenses for our state of the art operations center in Chennai, India, Accenture Credit Services is a demonstrably SAFE Act-compliant onshore and offshore service provider.


Accenture Credit Services Video

Accenture Credit Services has delivered high performance since launching in August 2011 and defined a new mortgage industry standard for efficiency and service. Providing digital technology, mobile solutions, e-closing and e-signatures, real-time business intelligence and predictive analytics, Accenture Credit Services is transforming the mortgage experience of the future.

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