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Biopharma Technology Trends 2022

August 9, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Trend 1: WebMe


of biopharma executives said that the realization of Web3 over the next decade will fundamentally change how businesses engage with users online.

Trend 2: Programmable World


of biopharma executives believe that programming the physical environment will emerge as a competitive differentiation in their industry.

Trend 3: The Unreal


of biopharma executives report concern over deepfakes and/or disinformation attacks.

Trend 4: Computing the Impossible


of biopharma executives say that their organization is pivoting in response to the unprecedented computational power that is becoming available.

Given its importance to the welfare of all humanity, we must seize the Metaverse Continuum opportunity to ensure that it is developed with responsibility at the core.

Where should you begin?

Shalu Chadha

Managing Director – Technology, Life Sciences, Global

Shalu is the global technology lead for Life Sciences, driving our industry technology assets, owning ecosystem relationships and enabling talent.