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Relevance and profitability for oil and gas

May 26, 2021


In brief

Returns, not reserves, are hiding in plain sight

E&P companies will need to think carefully about which pathway(s) makes the most sense—operationally and financially.

External positioning

E&P companies need to effectively communicate the changes—and the financial reasons underpinning it—to their stakeholders.


Every E&P company should strive to achieve greater transparency in all that they do. Markets demand it. And companies benefit, too.

New ways of working

As E&P companies consider their options for specialization, they should challenge the orthodoxies of their legacy operating models.

Capital and corporate structures

The different pureplay options open to E&P companies require different capital and corporate structures.


New skills, capabilities and roles will be needed. Recruiting, hiring and training will all be different. Remote working, too, must be considered part of the workplace strategy moving forward.

Expect more

Muqsit Ashraf

Lead – Strategy

Herve Wilczynski

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy Upstream Lead

Focusing on advising upstream oil and gas companies on strategic planning, operations, supply chain management and digital transformation.

Manas Satapathy

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

Helping unconventional oil and gas operators with strategy, lifecycle management, market analysis and transformation efforts.

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