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In brief

As industries are extending from a solely physical presence to a hybrid, or fully digital experience, that encompasses the consumer and enterprise business models alike, the role played by CSPs has never been more vital.

From enabler to disruptor

The trends

Trend 01. WebMe: Putting the Me in Metaverse


of Communications executives believe the Metaverse is a significant opportunity for their company.

Trend 02. Programmable World: Our Planet, Personalized


of Communications executives agree that leading organizations will push the boundaries of the virtual world to make it more real, increasing the need for persistence and seamless navigation between the digital and physical worlds.

Trend 03. The Unreal: Making Synthetic, Authentic


of Communications executives say that the Metaverse will create new data security and privacy risks, and that Digital Identity fraud and manipulation is a concern.

Trend 04. Computing the Impossible: New Machines, New Possibilities


of Communications executives believe that their organization’s long-term success will depend on the next generation computing they leverage to solve the seemingly unsolvable problems not addressable by classical computing.

Getting started today

Adriano Poloni


Adriano is the Global Technology Lead for Accenture’s Comms & Media Industry and Blockchain Industry Lead.

Brian Smyth

Managing Director – Communications & Media, Innovation

Mathangi Sandilya

Managing Director – Communications and Media

Mathangi is a Technology Delivery Lead Executive in the Business & Technology Integration talent segment.

Mark Flynn

Senior Manager – Accenture Research

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The big read

5 minute read

Communications Industry Full Report

The four trends, from the virtual to the physical, humans and machines alike are helping CSPs set themselves up for success in the Metaverse Continuum.

Short on time

Communications Industry Summary Report

3 minute read

The four Metaverse Continuum trends that are reshaping the Communications industry.

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