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Delivering The New Retirement Experience


Accenture surveyed public and private employees to find out what they really think of their pension plans and retirement readiness. Four critical takeaways? Members value their pensions benefits as much as their healthcare benefits. People may not be as prepared for retirement as they think they are. The hunger for digital retirement services like coaching is intensifying. And opportunities abound for pensions agencies to engage members at all phases of the pensions life cycle, balancing member needs with fiduciary responsibilities.

As cyber threats increase in number and sophistication, organizations across industries are seeking more effective ways to protect themselves: their data, their infrastructure, their people and their reputations.

Pension agencies are no exception.

Where Should You Start?

Reboot your Approach


Define Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Improve alignment of cybersecurity strategies with business imperatives and improve ability to detect and prohibit more advanced attacks.

Pressure-Test Security Capabilities

Engage “white-hat” external hackers for attack simulations to establish a realistic assessment of internal capabilities.

Protect from the Inside Out

Prioritize protection of the organization's key assets and focus on the internal incursions with greatest potential impact.

Keep Innovating

Invest in state-of-the-art programs to outmaneuver adversaries vs. investing more in existing programs.

Make Security Everyone's Job

99% of breaches not detected by banks' security teams are found by employees. Prioritize training for all employees.

Lead from the Top

Chief Information Security Officers should materially engage with enterprise leadership and make the case that cybersecurity is a critical priority in protecting organization value.



Design thinking helps pensions agencies design experiences and solutions that meet member, employer and internal staff needs in exciting new ways—at every phase of the journey.

Design the path to better services, adoption and outcomes together.

There’s a lot of buzz around blockchain technology. But what does it really mean for pensions agencies? A lot, actually. Using the blockchain, agencies can replace multiple, decentralized databases with one, secure data source to streamline information sharing among agencies, employers and members. This can improve data quality, shrink processing time and transform the pensions journey for all stakeholders. Get everything you need to know about pensions on the blockchain.


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