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Case Study

Master of the fleet

End-to-end fleet management capabilities position PT Serasi Autoraya as a technology visionary and mobility services leader in Indonesia.


Putting end-to-end fleet management on the map

Strategy and solution

The blueprint for end-to-end fleet management

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management, a connected fleet management solution, uses Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics to unlock new business models and operational efficiency.

Operations Management

An Operations Management system manages fleet bookings and scheduling, auto-dispatches vehicles to fulfill orders and makes vehicle quality checks.

Driver Management

A new Driver Management system built by SERA manages driver registration, payroll and other driver services.

Accelerating onboarding


In the first 10 months since launch, 2,700 vehicles were onboarded to the platform.


SERA has expanded the number of vehicles to be onboarded to the platform from 6,000 to 21,000 vehicles, a 250% increase.


SERA also awarded Accenture a five-year contract to operate the applications and infrastructure for AstraFMS on a pay-per-vehicle basis, as well as provide enhancements and maintenance.

Powering the fleet with AstraFMS


Launching the fleet with unprecedented control

Optimized cost efficiencies and effectiveness

Enhanced safety and security

Improved vehicle and driver productivity

Increased reliability and improved processes

Monetized data and new fleet products and services

A river of revenue

Expanding Opportunities

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