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Case Study

Strengthening our first line of cyber defense

Through interactive learning and gamification, our Information Security Advocate program teaches our people positive security behavior.

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

Drive employee awareness and adoption of secure behaviors.

Reduce security incidents caused by human error.

Measure program impact by tracking individual participant’s activity and comparing against other employees through internal behavior surveys, social engineering tests, and actual cyber incidents.

A more engaging way to learn about cybersecurity

Immersive experiences

The program uses brief, interactive and immersive learning activities that mimic real-world scenarios relevant to our people.

Gamified activities

A multi-tiered bundle of digital learning activities takes a gamification approach. Upon completion, our people receive recognition badges on their People Pages, and are entered into raffles for awards.

Relevant areas of focus

Other activities target higher-risk employee groups such as human resources, new joiners and technologists.

Personalized dashboards

The program is self-paced and custom-designed, including a personal dashboard tool that shows employees’ progression through the learning program.

A valuable difference