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When the pandemic upended life around the world, technology Leaders had the opportunity – if not the mandate – to shape their own futures.

In a survey of global executives, Accenture found that Leaders – the top 10 percent of our sample – had doubled down on core and emerging technologies. They accelerated investments in key areas such as cloud security, hybrid cloud, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Pre-pandemic, technology Leaders enjoyed a growth rate 2x that of the Laggards in the bottom quarter of our survey. Their larger technology investments, however, have now given them a growth rate 5x that of the Laggards – which will further widen the gap in the next five years between those who aggressively invest in technology and those who don’t.

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Scale Your Enterprise with Oracle Cloud & Autonomous

Our CEO uses the elasticity, flexibility and scalability of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure + Autonomous to achieve his company's growth ambitions.

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To scale your enterprise, look to Oracle Cloud

The possibilities created by data and technology – especially cloud technologies – have never been greater.

Oracle is uniquely positioned to help companies scale and grow their enterprises in the cloud without limitations. It provides end-to-end offerings for as-a-Service models across infrastructure, platform, and applications. We’ve learned from over thousands of technology projects that the key barriers to scalability are the complexities in integrating systems, understanding the data landscape, and the ability to quickly adapt systems to meet and exceed the pressures of external and internal forces of change.

With a historic focus on high-performance databases and workloads, Oracle brings these capabilities to bear in its innovative low-latency cloud infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is highly performant and provides for a simpler and lower-risk migration path for Oracle products while also providing cloud-native, containerized, platform, and open-source capabilities that compete directly with hyper scalers. OCI’s various capabilities were built to work together across the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layer, avoiding the complexities of a piecemeal approach. 

OCI can easily adapt to a multi-vendor or multi-cloud strategy. Oracle has focused on interoperability by partnering with technology vendors such as Microsoft, VMWare and Equinix to improve the agility and performance of its multi-cloud offerings. This gives customers a choice to pick the right technology for the right purpose and scale without sacrifice.     

Through our deep partnership with Oracle, we help companies unlock the value of data, innovation and cloud. Accenture has been named a leader in Oracle Cloud implementation services across the globe from major analyst reports including Everest, Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

OCI in action

OCI can help companies accelerate their paths to value, in terms of expansion, market entry, new business models and acquisitions.

For example, video conferencing surged when workforces began working from home last year. For one provider, use skyrocketed to 300 million meeting participants per day, forcing it to quickly expand cloud capacity. The company chose OCI to help meet the demand, and within hours of deployment, OCI enabled hundreds of thousands of simultaneous meeting participants. After full implementation, OCI now supports millions of concurrent meeting participants and will help the company scale to meet future demand at a better cost for performance than other solutions.

OCI can help companies bring new products to market and test new business models because of its ability to rapidly scale up capacity for high-performance computing. For instance, a leading pharmaceutical company needed to speed up its pharmaceutical research, clinical sciences, and drug development processes. We helped the company implement a custom industry solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Data Management Workbench. The solution accelerated decision-making for the company by integrating internal and external clinical data into a single data management and warehousing platform that could be accessed in real time.

For companies making acquisitions or divestitures, OCI can help them converge data from a wide range of disparate systems. Unifying the data and easily migrating it into the cloud can give enterprises a view of the entire organization as a single entity.

All of this can be done quickly, accelerating the path to value. Having all data centralized in OCI and leveraging Oracle Autonomous – the only cloud-native database with AI and analytics built in – enables unparalleled insights and innovation to drive decision-making. Since OCI platform services are pre-built to take advantage of SaaS applications, companies save valuable time. With OCI, we help companies succeed fast and at scale. 

We believe in Oracle’s cloud capabilities and have seen the benefits OCI can bring to businesses. OCI underscores how the same innovation and technical expertise that made Oracle a technology leader continues with new and bold thinking today.

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Nish Patel

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group, North America

Andrea Cesarini

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group Lead, Europe

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