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May 02, 2018
Leveraging Google Cloud Platform
By: Brian McKillips

It’s one thing for a business to get an innovation program on its feet within a few weeks or months; it’s quite another to get it into a full-on sprint in the right direction.

Many organizations, through their innovation programs, are building solutions and prototypes with relative ease and speed. Why, then, aren’t they scaling these programs faster? We see it time and time again: Businesses struggle with accelerating, re-architecting and scaling in under 12 to 18 months. That’s an eternity in today’s digital business.

We need to do better.

Through the Google Cloud and Accenture Alliance, we aim to do just that: enable clients to plan and execute their innovation programs to achieve scale; help them develop new capabilities leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to design, test, incubate and scale innovation.

What’s in our Tool Box? OR Tools at our Disposal

  • Data – Sourcing data from our clients, Accenture and third-party sources to transform acquired data into insights.
  • Google Technology – We gain a path to efficiency and optimization through the following:
  • Google Cloud Platform, an easily scalable cloud differentiated by network, speed, scale and security
  • Android, one of the world’s top mobility platforms
  • DoubleClick and Analytics 360, a unified marketing and ad technology stack
  • Google Cloud ML and TensorFlow, advanced machine learning capabilities
  • Google Maps, G Suite and other tools integrated with Google Cloud
  • Enabling Experiences – With Accenture expertise, you’re able to convert ideas into experiences, enabling you to correctly design, test, incubate and scale.

Solution Spotlight: Omni-Channel Service Delivery

We regularly hear announcements of businesses forming new partnerships and kickstarting strategic initiatives to compete with the world’s leading online retailers.

Many of these retailers are successfully innovating and developing concepts for use cases, business ideas and ecosystem strategies to gain market share and drive revenue; we’ve found that scaling their innovation is proving challenging.

We see many retailers focused on creating new omni-channel experiences for unique customer engagements. How do retailers reinvent their organizations to deliver products and services to customers wherever they are?

One of the first capabilities we provide for clients is the Omni-Channel Service Delivery Platform, through which businesses can deliver products and services to their customers wherever they are, whenever they want and through any channel.

Deliver products & services to customers wherever, however and whenever with @Accenture’s Omni-Channel Service Delivery Platform.


Imagine the possibilities when retailers can reach their customers:

  • In their homes, as easily as in the stores
  • Through a chatbot, as effectively as a customer service rep
  • In their cars, as seamlessly as on a website

These new customer experiences combine the power of customer data, the Google Cloud Platform, DoubleClick/Analytics360, Google Maps and other technologies.

As we look ahead, it’s clear leading businesses will increasingly embrace “scaling the new” in both concept and practice, and in turn will realize the value. Thanks to Google Cloud, innovating at scale is becoming reality.

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