Corporate governance

Learn about our executive leadership, our board of directors and our approach to corporate governance.


Board of Directors

Our board currently consists of 11 directors.


The Board of Directors has four committees: The Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating and Governance Committee.


David P. Rowland - Executive Chairman*. Gilles C. Pélisson - Independent Lead Director

Corporate governance

Governance principles

Accenture is committed to governance policies and practices that serve the interests of the company and its shareholders. Learn more.

The Accenture Code of Business Ethics

Our Code of Business Ethics, available in 19 languages, emphasizes critical areas particular to our organization and business model while highlighting aspects of conduct that are imperative for all employees. Learn more.

Political contributions and lobbying policy

Accenture is committed to being an active corporate citizen in the global community. We also encourage our employees to be active in civic and community activities, including by participating in the political and democratic process. Learn more.

Inclusion & Diversity

Our diversity helps us bring unique perspectives and skills to the table. And our culture ensures we can all leverage these unique contributions to the benefit of our clients and our communities. Learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Read the most frequently asked questions (FAQ's) around Accenture's corporate governance and the Accenture Board of Directors. Learn more.

Contact the Accenture Board of Directors

The Accenture Board of Directors welcomes your questions and comments. Learn more.

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*On June 2, 2021, Accenture announced that David Rowland will step down as executive chairman and from the board and retire from Accenture, effective September 1, 2021. Julie Sweet, Accenture’s chief executive officer, has been appointed to the additional role of chair of the board to succeed David upon his retirement.

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