Movin’On 2021

JUNE 1-4, 2021 |Montreal - Paris - Singapore
Virtual event


The roadmap to sustainable mobility


Join Accenture at the Movin’On Summit (June 1 - 4), where we will be revealing how technology and human ingenuity come together to turn innovative ideas into actionable outcomes for sustainable mobility. The roadmap to sustainable mobility.

The Movin’On Summit brings together experts and communities of interest from diverse sectors to collectively explore the future of sustainable mobility to move from ambition to action.

As Accenture, we believe that sustainability is our greatest collective responsibility, creating the most powerful force of change in our generation, and the Movin’On Summit is the perfect platform to connect and engage with mobility stakeholders to find solutions with actionable outcomes.

Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer at Accenture, and some of our senior leaders will be covering various topics, including: decarbonization, technologies for sustainable mobility, customer experience in public transport, sustainable last mile, e-mobility.

Find out more about concrete actions that can be undertaken to collectively drive more mobility with less impact.



Julie Sweet | TUES, JUNE 1 AT 15:15 CET

Getting to 2030 targets – A climate roadmap to net zero

While global consensus on the importance of addressing climate change is one thing, achieving sustainable development goals is quite another.

Sarah Banks, Andre Pharand

Community Announcement The Sustainable Last Mile

This session will focus on actions the last-mile ecosystem needs to take in order to effect real, sustainable change. Everyone has a part to play.

Juergen Reers | WED, JUNE 2 AT 18:00 CET

Mobility’s next frontier: How to accelerate the decarbonization of mobility with electric vehicles

There’s no question that the EV revolution is upon us. Learn what’s required to ignite a surge in EV adoption for a more sustainable road ahead.

Pierre-Olivier Desmurs, Michael English, Russell Yell | WED, JUNE 2 AT 14:00 CET

How will public transport operators transition from operators to experience providers post-COVID?

Regaining customers and their confidence post-pandemic will require the user experience to be redefined.

Julie Sweet, Alexander Holst, Jean-Marc Ollagnier

Key technologies enabling sustainability in the mobility ecosystem

A look at the fundamental transformations of our time - digital and sustainability and our innovation-led, future vision for the mobility industry.

Pierre-Olivier Desmurs | Thu, June 3 AT 13:00 CET

Redefining the public transport user experience

As we reinvent urban transport models we need to rethink mobility in all its diversity. This panel will discuss short-term solutions to reinvent the mass public transport experience and make it more attractive while still being cost-effective.


Julie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Holst

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Sustainability

Sarah Banks

Managing Director – Global Lead Freight and Logistics

Andre Pharand

Managing Director – Consulting, Post and Parcel Lead

Juergen Reers

Managing Director – Global Mobility X Lead

Pierre-Olivier Desmurs

Managing Director – Rail and Transit Global Lead

Michael English

Managing Director – Rail and Transit, North America Lead

Russell Yell

Director – Public Service, Mobility and Cities Lead, Australia

Stephen Zoegall

Director – Consulting, Cities and Infrastructure Lead, North America

Jean-Marc Ollagnier


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Latest thinking

During the pandemic, consumer behaviors and retailers’ responses to them changed last-mile delivery’s carbon footprint, making it more sustainable.

Stakeholder responsibility has always been essential in public transit, and with the onset of COVID-19, this has become even more important.

The mobility industry has been responding to a global demand for higher sustainability for many years, and the electric vehicle (EV) is one answer.

Accenture and the world economic forum are proposing a five-level taxonomy towards the circular car.

Accenture’s Fjord Trends 2021 provides insights into emerging trends in business, technology & design focused on meeting human needs.

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