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January 9-12, 2024 - Las Vegas, Nevada

CES 2024

AI is unleashing human potential like never before. At CES 2024, we explore how organizations can adapt.

Accenture @CES 2024

For the sixth consecutive year, Accenture is partnering with CES to showcase what’s next in technology. Check out demos, presentations and, for the first time at CES, the release of our annual Tech Vision report for 2024, which explores how AI levels up human potential. Also, visit the Accenture Innovation Hub to recharge and learn more about the accelerating pace of change and the human ingenuity driving it—it’s where the future comes to life.

Accenture Technology Vision Session

All sessions are posted in PST

Join Accenture’s annual Tech Vision to understand the power of AI to reinvent business and unleash human potential.

Network with industry leaders and luminaries in our Accenture Innovation Hub

Accenture Innovation Hub Sessions

All sessions are posted in PST

How companies are leveraging Generative AI to reinvent consumer relationships and brand experiences at speed and at scale.

Explore how you can create new customer/consumer realties by fusing the digital and physical world to amplify experience, engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

A new direct-to-customer business model is emerging through the tokenization of identity, money and objects. Explore how the winning digital business will be the one that earns direct trusted access to actual customer data held in digital wallets.

Join our panel discussion and discover how Generative AI enables intelligent digital platforms for mobility-related services, intelligent transportation infrastructures and novel business models to drive performance and accelerate mobility’s reinvention.

Discover how Generative AI and the multiverse are driving the “Everything Economy”, where companies are jamming everything but the kitchen sink into their offerings to win and retain customers. New research reveals consumers' preferences for these offerings.

Join us as we discuss how Generative AI and other emerging technologies are reshaping industries, fueling creativity, and revolutionizing our daily lives.

Technology and talent are the two greatest enablers of transformation. Discover how your people can accelerate reinvention in an age of rapid tech advancement.

We’ll discuss the risks and potential harms of AI and focus on the actions leaders must take to enable its safe and proper use. Those who manage the complexity of compliance and sustainability goals will be best placed to realize its true value.

Accenture on the CES Main Stage

All sessions are posted in PST

The entertainment industries have entered a period of amazing opportunity. It is the first quarter in a four-quarter game of innovation.

Tech companies have been talking about 5G for years, but how can average consumers benefit? Here we discuss the promises and reality of 5G.

As Generative AI breaks into the mainstream, take a look under the hood at the hardware and practical building blocks powering this technology.

AI can monitor perishable, refrigerated goods and divert recyclable materials from landfills. Welcome to the Green AI frontier.

Immersive Playground

Engage with our immersive demos at CES

Unlock your mind power with Mendi's neurotech headset! Control objects, review mental fitness insights, and improve cognitive abilities. By using analytics, Generative AI and brainwaves you can serve up a unique set of products to meet customer preferences.

Step into the future at CES with mAIr, the digital human concierge powered by Looking Glass holographic display and LLMs. Engage, ask questions, and get personalized assistance in the Accenture Innovation Hub.

Experience the challenges of LPGA athletes. Attempt to beat top female golfers' scores in a virtual putting challenge, immersing yourself in the pressures they face. The demo combines VR, haptics, scents and visuals for an impactful experience.

Step into the future at CES with our AR experience! Scan QR codes to see presenters, logos, and Tech Vision content come to life. Explore our space with the Accenture Foresight app, featuring wayfinding to guide you to areas throughout CES.


Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist

James Temple

Global Metaverse Co-Lead – Song

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Technology Incubation Group Lead

Juergen Reers

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead, Automotive

Naomi Begum-Inglis

Market Maker Director

Nikki Mendonça

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Software & Platforms, Global

John Peters

Managing Director – Media & Entertainment, United States, West

Mary Hamilton

Lead – Technology Innovation, North America and LATAM

Adam Burden

Lead – Technology, North America and Chief Software Engineer

Allison Horn

Managing Director – Talent & Organization

Vikrant Viniak

Senior Managing Director – Sustainability Services & Strategy, North America Lead

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