CES: Complexity to clarity

Join Accenture at CES 2021—we’ll reveal how technology and human ingenuity are coming together to turn innovative ideas into actionable outcomes.

CES Overview

January 11 - January 14, 2021 | Virtual Event


The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most influential tech events in the world. But with thousands of exhibitors, it's easy to come down with a case of "innovation overload."

This year, Accenture brought together the right mix of technology and human ingenuity to help our current—and future—clients navigate the ever-changing innovation landscape. We explored:

Rebuilding industries. Companies need to outmaneuver uncertainty and capitalize on the convergence of industries to outpace the competition.

Reimagining the experiences. Winning in an experience-led market means being hyper-focused on the customer—and agile enough to offer new, connected experiences.

Responsible business design.Brands that have a forward-looking view, one that cares for the planet and people—and the causes that matter to them—will emerge as winners.

Be sure to visit the Accenture Virtual Show Floor at CES—a 3-D, immersive environment developed by Accenture’s Liquid Studios. We recreated the physical tradeshow experience in a virtual setting. Visitors can engage with our research and solution showcases and explore our three thematic halls as though at CES.

Accenture believes change isn't a box you check off once a year; it's a practice of continuous transformation that's critical to business success.

CES 2021 | Accenture Keynote with Julie Sweet

Explore key tech trends.

CES 2021 | Accenture Takes Center Stage

Recap the best of CES.

CES 2021 | Day 3: Kaveh Safavi – Digital Health

Kaveh Safavi, Senior Managing Director – Accenture

CES 2021 | Day 2: Martha Cotton – Fjord Trends

Martha Cotton, Managing Director – Accenture Interactive

CES 2021 | Day 1: Karthik Narain - Cloud

Karthik Narain, Accenture’s Cloud First Lead

Connect with us

Learn how Accenture can help you on your transformation journey.


Julie Sweet | Tues, Jan 12 from 4-4:40pm ET

Future reimagined

Tech is transforming our world—it’s the flexible foundation for solving our most difficult global challenges. Get a peek at the trends coming our way.

Karthik Narain | Wed, Jan 13 from 5-5:30pm ET

Cloud: Elevating business to new heights

Discover how companies are making the jump to cloud computing and learn how they’re handling the inevitable cybersecurity challenges.

Mark Curtis, Martha Cotton | Tues, Jan 12; 10:15-10:45am ET

Mapping out new territory: No more dragons

From the best design minds, Fjord helps businesses prepare and respond to emerging trends at the intersection of culture, technology and design.

Kaveh Safavi, Stuart Henderson | Wed, Jan 13; 9:45-10:15am ET

Fast-tracking the digital health revolution

Digital healthcare helps consumers make better, faster, smarter decisions about care. Post COVID-19, every industry is investing in digital health.

Bob Ghafouri, Robin Murdoch | On Demand @ces.tech

The platform business model changes everything

By embracing the transformational power of platforms, companies are capturing new growth opportunities and changing how they connect with customers.

Brian Irwin, Axel Schmidt, Emily Weiss | On Demand @ces.tech

The future of mobility services

Mobility services—the movement of people and things—is rapidly changing. Learn why collaboration is needed more than ever.

Mary Hamilton | Thurs, Jan 14 from 4-4:45pm ET

Monetizing the TV & Streaming Programming Platforms

The evolution of TV and streaming services creates new models for monetizing programming, as viewers learn, watch and consume content differently.


Julie Sweet

Chair & CEO

Karthik Narain

Lead – Accenture Cloud First

Martha Cotton

Managing Director – Interactive, Fjord Co-Lead, Global​

Mark Curtis

Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership – Accenture Interactive

Babak “Bob” Ghafouri

Senior Managing Director – Interactive, Global Sales Lead

Mary Hamilton

Lead – Technology Innovation, North America and LATAM

Stuart Henderson

Client Account Lead – North America

Brian Irwin

Managing Director – North America Automotive Lead

Robin Murdoch

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Global Lead

Kaveh Safavi

Senior Managing Director – Consulting, Global Health

Axel Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Automotive

Emily Weiss

Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Travel

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Hear from our leaders at #CES

CES 2021

Koen Derycker | Industry convergence

Karthik Narain | Cloud first

Mark Curtis | Customer experience

Kaveh Safavi | Digital health

Mary Hamilton | Future of media

Bob Ghafouri | Platform economy

Brian Irwin | Future of mobility

Stories to watch

The promise of technology in response to COVID-19

The global pandemic has accelerated digital technology innovation to historic levels. There will be many examples of how technology can support important consumer needs during this time around health, nutrition and education.

5G adoption is growing, yet still nascent

5G will usher in a new decade of innovation that will transform customer experiences. We will see more connected consumer devices with improved speed, computing power and storage – ranging from gaming to health.

Will cloud improve consumer tech experiences?

Companies across consumer technology are turning to cloud for cost savings, scalability, speed, reliability and innovation. This is driven by consumers’ changing preferences – mobility above all.

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