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Seattle Innovation Hub

A new way of doing things that adds value

Building for your future

Client Innovation Services

Innovation and experience teams designed to enable your clients wherever they are in their innovation journey.

Avanade digital innovation studios

Combining the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem to transform businesses for the digital world.

Liquid studio

Helping business move rapidly from idea to action, turning concepts into prototypes using AI, the internet of things and modern engineering.

What we think

Total Enterprise Reinvention

The strategy that leads to a new performance frontier.

Technology Vision 2023: When atoms meet bits

The foundations of our new reality will be built by fusing the physical and digital worlds.

Avanade trendlines

Pinpointing the nascent shifts that will impact the design, innovation and technology choices of large organizations.

Our leaders

Gilbert Wootton

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, US West

Cheryl Linder

Managing Director, Innovation Lead

Kim Lichttenegger

Client Innovation Services Lead, Seattle

Mona Atallah

Innovation Studio Lead

Where to find us