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Detroit Innovation Hub

Accenture Detroit Innovation Hub

Co-create the future. Redefine possible.

Discover the art of the possible

Industry X Innovation Center

Our Industry X Innovation Center is an escape from the day-to-day, drawing you into an immersive and collaborative space that fosters creativity.

Digital delivery center

‘New IT’ design and development services, including front-end development and experience design, smart assistance and natural language programming.

Quantum computing experience zone

Collaborate to harness quantum computing—and solve complex data and business challenges. The result? Software that sharpens your competitive edge.


Part of Accenture Song. Mackevision creates visual experiences that bring your brand and product story to life, using animations and 3D effects.

The Forge

Part of Accenture Industry X.0. The Forge fuses best-in-class agile software development and digital design to disrupt the market and deliver results.

What we think

Total Enterprise Reinvention

The strategy that leads to a new performance frontier.

Technology Vision 2024

Technology is becoming more human by design. The organizations who adopt and refine this emerging tech today will be poised for success tomorrow.

Think beyond ones and zeros

The innovation behind quantum computing lies in the way it takes advantage of subatomic phenomena.

Our leaders

Shiv Iyer

Market Unit Lead – US Midwest

Dan Garrison

Detroit – Office Managing Director

Horace Tiggs

Director – Innovation Hub, Detroit

Where to find us