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Metro Washington DC Innovation Hub

Designing for people. Building Cyber resilience. Innovating with purpose for business and government.

This hub includes the DC Cyber Fusion Center and the Accenture Federal Digital Studio. Each brings the best talent and latest technologies together in state-of-the-art spaces where we collaborate and co-create with clients to solve their challenges and drive change.

Welcome to the Cyber Fusion Center in Washington, DC

Accenture has opened it's first North America Cyber Fusion Center in Washington, DC. See more.

Building cyber resilience

With panoramic views of the area’s most iconic landmarks, the DC Cyber Fusion Center is Accenture’s flagship cybersecurity space in North America. Here we help clients find and resolve cyber threats by providing a full suite of services including threat intelligence, advanced adversary simulations, threat hunting and forensic investigation services.

The Center is also home to our Cybersecurity Lab, where our researchers incubate new concepts through applied R&D. The lab is connected to seven other Accenture Labs across the world through a “virtual corridor,” which enables cross-pollination of ideas and accelerated collaboration.

Designing for people at the heart

At the Accenture Federal Studio we work side-by-side with our clients to uncover, imagine and create new ways to serve their customers and empower their workforce. The Studio features a Fjord Design and Innovation team (the largest of the Fjord Studios), a Data Discovery Lab and an AI Innovation Hub.

Together designers, data analysts and advanced technologists are accelerating government modernization at speed and at scale, always with design for people at the heart.

What we think

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Securing the digital economy

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Our leaders

David Daily

Director – DC Cyber Fusion Center Hub

Tim Irvine

Managing Director, Lead – Accenture Federal Studio

Marty Rodgers

Market Unit Lead – US South