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Boston Innovation Hub

Empowerment through partnership

Exploring the art of the possible

Liquid Studio

Helping business move rapidly from idea to action, turning concepts into prototypes using AI, machine learning and modern engineering.


We design and develop consumer-ready digital products for our clients, bringing amazing experiences for web and mobile to market.


We make the impossible possible by structuring complex problems, architecting novel systems and engineering the heck out of new products.

Nano Lab

The Nano Lab is Boston’s local connection to Accenture's leading-edge global R&D Labs.

Accenture Research

Our industry knowledge and data-driven research techniques enable us to partner with world-class organizations and disrupt the innovation landscape.

What we think

Technology Vision 2024

Technology is becoming more human by design. The organizations who adopt and refine this emerging tech today will be poised for success tomorrow.

Accenture Life Trends 2023 (formerly Fjord Trends)

Creative AI, web3, permacrisis and human adaptability. Explore the evolving power dynamic between people and organizations.

Total Enterprise Reinvention

The strategy that leads to a new performance frontier.

Our leaders

Sumita Bhattacharya

Managing Director, Accenture

Stuart Henderson

Market Unit Lead – US Northeast

Pallavi Verma

Senior Managing Director – Boston Office

Where to find us