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How Kellogg’s perfected product placement with VR

Accenture teamed with Qualcomm and Kellogg's to pilot a VR solution that transforms how retailers conduct market research for merchandising.


What Accenture did

Mobile VR with eye-tracking helps brands and retailers extend their reach to geographically dispersed participants, performing research faster, more affordably and at larger scale, while providing holistic conclusions.

Value delivered

Expands testing reach to diverse locations

VR headsets can be used in consumers’ homes, at stores and during product roadshows.

Improves experience in branded environment

Shoppers walk through a realistic virtual store model, look at shelves, pick up and examine products, and place selections directly into their carts.

Increases dataset for analytics

Brands can gather deeper data in a way that does not interrupt the shopping experience.

Decreases costs while improving flexibility

Easy to test a variety of planogram combinations in a faster, cost-effective manner and reach a holistic conclusion for the product and category.

Meet the team

Raffaella Camera

Managing Director, Global Head of Innovation & Market Strategy – Accenture Extended Reality (XR)

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director and Lead – Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs
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