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Reinvent care delivery for better access, experience and outcomes

janvier 25, 2023

Imagine a reinvention of care delivery that uses technology to systematically delegate tasks to employees with the right licensure so that clinicians can focus on what they were trained to do.

Four key actions to reinvent care delivery

Address workforce capacity: Scale clinical capacity and sustain it, organizations must stabilize the existing healthcare workforce by integrating technology that can take on tasks and minimize burden.

Transform teams and models: Technology-enabled care models can empower patients and teams to operate in different configurations and different environments.

Optimize technology + human ingenuity: Reinventing clinical care and operations with technology can help with automating tasks and supporting human decision-makers with AI-driven insights.

Humanize change: Transformed operating models will enable agile care delivery that introduces technology into the workforce while still relying on human thinking and problem solving.

How we can reinvent care delivery to expand access

How Accenture can help

What we think



How tech can help health workers

The clinical workforce crisis could seriously impact efforts to humanize healthcare. Listen to this webinar about how technology can help.



When care comes to the patient

Accenture shares a systematic three-step guide to identifying optimal care settings that realize the best location-flexible care for patient.



De-stressing the clinical workforce

The pandemic made clinical workforce attrition much worse very quickly. Kristin Ficery explains how boards need to take bold steps to stem the tide.


Meet the team

Rich Birhanzel

Senior Managing Director – Global Health Lead

Kristin Ficery

Senior Managing Director – Global Health Strategy Lead

Kaveh Safavi, MD, JD

Senior Managing Director – Consulting Global Health

Ashish Goel

Senior Managing Director – Health Lead, Europe