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Our people

Creating 360° Value

Responsible Company

Becoming a sustainability leader

Environmental Sustainability

Making a difference through climate action

Supply chain

Driving responsible change across our value chain

Ethics & Governance

Conducting our business with integrity

360° Value Reporting

All reporting in one place

Care and compassion

Health, safety and well-being first

Support during the pandemic

Shifting into the future of work

Investing in our people

Continuous recognition

We recognize our people throughout the year for who they are, what makes them unique and the valuable contributions they make through their work.

A commitment to equal pay for equal work

We are firmly committed to pay equity and have processes in place to help ensure that our people are compensated fairly.

Continuous learning

To help our people discover their best opportunities, we invested US$900 million during fiscal 2021 in learning and professional development.


We help our people grow their skills—with over 8,000 skills in our library that they can earn through certifications and learning opportunities.

Inclusion & Diversity

Race and ethnicity

We are committed to equality for all—with zero tolerance for discrimination, bigotry or hate of any kind. Read more.

Gender equality

We strive to create a culture of equality through inclusion for all and continue to make progress toward our global gender goals. Read more.

Mental health and wellness

We foster a workplace environment where people feel comfortable engaging in open, honest dialogue about mental illness and well-being. Read more.

Disability inclusion

We strive to ensure that our people with disabilities have access to technology, tools and training to succeed in a barrier-free workplace. Read more.

LGBTIQ+ inclusion

We provide specialized training, networking support and mentoring for our LGBTIQ+ people and help promote a workplace of equality every day. Read more.

Unlocking human ingenuity for our clients

More about sustainability