What’s next in OT cybersecurity

Don’t let traditional OT cybersecurity challenges dictate your organization’s risk profile. OT environments cannot always be secured in the same way as traditional IT environments—but it can be done.

In March of this year, we hosted a summit that featured OT cybersecurity stakeholders from around the world discussing practical, real-world solutions and “next step” advice to address how they’re advancing security priorities today to build resilience and support the mission of the business.

Watch the summit highlights

Security at the speed of science

Conquering complexities from OT program to OT SOC

OT security: Governance model & executive buy-in

Evolving IT/OT architecture—taking it to the edge

Cloud and IoT integration—Moving at the speed of business (Session Snapshot-1)

Clout and IoT Integration Moving at the Speed of Business

Cloud and IoT integration—Moving at the speed of business (Session Snapshot-2)

IT/OT risk alignment—Striking the right balance

Operation: Next 2021 Virtual Summit

Priority investments and program metrics—Context matters

Proactive and reactive IR—what you need to know

Negotiating risk, security and budget across the board

Risk = Likelihood x Consequence

OT and ICS security—The art of the possible (Session Snapshot-1)

Stop: Continue: Start

OT and ICS security—The art of the possible (Session Snapshot-2)

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"I challenge you to think about a pressing OT security concern in your organization and then let us collaborate with you to solve it."

— JIM GUINN II, Global Managing Director – Accenture Security

Let's collaborate to solve your OT security challenges

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Read our insights based on session content from the Operation:Next summit including notes from our industry leads on applying OT security to chemical, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, utilities, energy and oil & gas industries.

Security teams need to embrace their company mission

Security insights from Guy Delp, VP of Global Information Security, Pfizer

Improve situational awareness with proactive IR

Accenture Security’s Bryan Singer reveals how incident response helps organizations connect the dots and close the gap.

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Operation: Next is on a mission to drive community conversation, spark new approaches to integration and celebrate the strides being made in the OT security space. Our OT security goal is “Advance today, accelerate tomorrow.” What’s yours?

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