With six billion urban dwellers expected by 2045, how will future citizens make their daily journeys rapidly, safely and affordably?

During the Movin'On Summit 2019, we focused on how companies can navigate the future of mobility, maximize customer value, succeed in the new value chain and devise new business models.

We discussed how the changes in the field of mobility will be driven by technological advances, such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, and will have wide-ranging implications for society. Winning in the space of new mobility will be about understanding the human dimension of the transformation that is just around the corner, and shaping mobility experiences that meet consumer desires. Mobility X.0 looks at three core questions to determine success in the new mobility ecosystem - How to maximize customer value? How to win in the new value chain? And how to scale new business models? Companies that successfully address these issues and are able to reinvent themselves will thrive in the New.

We look forward to seeing you at the Movin'On Summit 2020!

Movin'On 2019

Accenture's Pierre-Olivier Desmurs talks - Mobility Lead for France about Mobility X.0 at the Movin'On Summit 2019. See more.

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Our speakers

Juergen Reers

Managing Director – Mobility X.0 Lead

Julien Fanon

Managing Director – Paris, Strategy

Brody Buhler

Managing Director – Post & Parcel In​dustry Group

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Latest thinking

A frugal mobility solution provides a better mobility experience because it encompasses a more inclusive experience.

In our world of never-ending choice, retailers are weaponizing the last mile in a bid for customer loyalty, relevance and increased sales.

Developments in mobility are having a major effect on many industries – including automotive.

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