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Innovative business solutions to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and innovate at scale.

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The Metaverse Continuum

Delivering tangible valuable at scale

Power generators are facing a growing number of challenges. They are expected to deliver a stable supply of power despite variable demand and constant disruption―all while lowering operational cost and maintaining exemplary safety standards.

However, despite these obstacles, new growth opportunities are emerging. Implementing measures to digitalize operations, for example, not only empowers the workforce to operate efficiently and remotely, but also positions the entire organization to capitalize within a dynamic market and embrace technological advances.

Renewable and conventional power generation both play a critical role in the evolving energy landscape, but change is needed to accelerate growth and the energy transition while providing safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy.

Accenture empowers power generators to embrace change and safely improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive towards a low-carbon future with confidence.


The combination of our strategy and consulting services with technology and expertise translates innovation into tangible value at speed and scale, empowering organizations to embrace change.

Lead with digital

We provide digital transformation services to implement systems that enhance asset and operational performance while improving both workforce safety and overall efficiency.

Lower operations and maintenance costs

Our technology offerings combined with industry expertise drive cross-organizational efficiency, helping to reduce cost while maintaining safe, stable throughput from an array of assets.

Innovate at speed

The combination of our strategy and consulting services translates innovation into tangible value at speed and scale, empowering organizations to embrace change.

Manage and sustain change

We integrate change management into our solutions to deliver and sustain the value of transformation programs throughout the organization.

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Unlock incremental value from retiring coal plants

The US coal market is declining, with the market capitalization of the top four US coal producers down by around 80% from 2011 to 2018. Market, regulatory, and investor forces are squeezing coal generation profitability, and units with the highest operating costs are most at risk of being pushed "out of the money." Operators have a unique opportunity to unlock incremental value by adopting a "run to retire" plan that focuses on optimizing the organization, workforce, assets, and planned capital projects, while at the same time transitioning to a renewable generation portfolio.

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Case studies

Sorgenia teamed with Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade for its migration to the cloud.

Accenture helped Exelon deploy the nuclear industry's first paperless work management solution.

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