Accenture Public Service Platform

A flexible, service-based platform that enables rapid and effective integration of citizen services.

Accelerate IT modernization and integration

State CIOs are challenged with modernizing legacy systems while utilizing existing IT investments. The Accenture Public Service Platform provides the agility to modify business processes without the cost of replacing underlying technology.

Reduce costs

Lower technology and management costs with a modular, component-based SOA platform that leverages shared services and makes maintenance less costly.

Adapt to change quickly

By employing loosely coupled technologies and SOA, APSP enables flexibility at the business level, without affecting the underlying technology.

Deliver integrated services

Implement a world class SOA platform that provides a strong foundation for integrated citizen service delivery.

Maximize existing IT investments

Our vendor-independent architecture enables agencies to swap or upgrade vendor components without having to abandon applications built on them.

Accelerate legacy modernization

Our pre-configured platform with 40+ product adapters accelerates legacy modernization while reducing risks.

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Accelerate implementation by removing guesswork

Vendor neutral

With 40+ adapters, APSP easily integrates with several leading vendor and open source providers, providing the freedom to rapidly change products.

Standards compliant

APSP is built in compliance with open source and industry standards, allowing to leverage existing investments and reduce costs.

Pre-configured and ready to deploy

With over 50 pre-built technical services and frameworks ready to use, APSP enables up to 50% faster SOA implementation.

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Integrated eligibility

Address priorities with tailored solutions

Powerful for integration and modernization needs

The Accenture Public Service Platform turns promise into practice, enabling you to:

  • Adopt an enterprise-wide SOA allowing you to easily deploy information systems that directly serve your organization’s mission.
  • Improve citizen services despite decreasing budgets and growing service demand.
  • Prepare your enterprise to meet the ongoing challenges of health care reform while protecting the decades of investment you have made in your legacy application portfolio.
  • Empower your internal customers to quickly adapt to policy changes keeping your limited technical resources focused on implementing innovative solutions to save your enterprise time and money.
Public Service

Architecture that provides agility to change

It is more important than ever for today’s IT executives to keep up with the pace of change while balancing costs and improving services. APSP provides the ability to modernize aging systems while adapting to new technologies and policy reform.


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