Multimedia advertising & media cloud

A solution for content-rich businesses wanting to transform into competitive media platforms.

The ultimate solution for tomorrow’s media company

The big switch to digital changes everything. The need for transformation has penetrated every layer of the Media & Entertainment space, causing a shift from legacy content business and revenue lines to a model that embraces easier collaboration, agility, and customer insights as its foundation.

Accenture brings together technology and human ingenuity to help traditional media companies rescript their futures. With organizational transformation at its core, Accenture’s Multimedia Advertising & Media Cloud Solution helps businesses strategize, harness cloud data, optimize, and operate as fully-digital, platform players.

The ultimate solution for tomorrow’s media company is powered by cloud and AI

Are you ready to start the evolution towards your new future?

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Lower costs

Drive labor efficiency through automation, balancing costs with demand, as well as lowered ad and campaign management costs.

Grow revenue

Increase ad revenue through optimized CPMs, yield maximization and higher sell-through rates while leveraging cloud-based opportunities like OTT.

Accelerate time to market

Reduce time from asset production to playout, from square one to broadcasting content and enable an ad business launch in a matter of weeks.

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A valuable difference

Distribution using cloud-based technologies with a flexible architecture, many clients have realized:


accuracy in calculating advertising inventory forecasting


accuracy in audience targeting


cost reduction associated with content development and distribution


Commercial ad platform

Implement a data-driven, automated commercial advertising platform through the Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform.

Single currency, single view ad campaigns

Define, sell and orchestrate multimedia addressable ad campaigns (e.g., Linear TV+ Digital) using a single currency.

Broadcast grade production in the cloud

Leverage optimal performance of broadcast tech with a focus on latency & user experience. Reference architectures are continually optimized/refined.

Data-informed decision making

Accelerate value using actionable insights from cloud platforms, smart analytics, automated data governance, and a transformative data culture.

Cloud-powered resource management

Achieve visibility into ad operations and production & distribution progress. Unify systems to eliminate redundancies and increase collaboration.

Optimized and efficient resourcing

Expand the talent pool and give employees new ways to work. Virtualizing core content production systems creates greater elasticity and agility.

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Case studies

Watch Globo's CEO, Jorge Nóbrega, as he reflects on Accenture’s contribution to the UmaSóGlobo program.

Accenture helped Disney Studios’ StudioLAB build and pilot a scalable platform to deliver an interactive movie poster content experience.

Manzoni partners with Accenture to reinforce its leadership position in advertising, leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence.

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