Accenture Cloud Solutions for Consumer Goods

Leverage industry experience and the power of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform with Accenture Cloud Solutions for Consumer Goods.

Connecting the front office

How can organizations craft unique experiences for consumers? By pivoting on their needs. Our connected front office solutions help manufacturers connect with ecosystem partners, regain relevance and ultimately win the hearts and minds of consumers.

Re-imagining the front office to put Trade Promotion Management at the core and connect manufacturer, consumer, and retailer alike via the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Accenture Cloud Trade Promotion Management (TPM) empowers sales and marketing to manage, control and optimize customer revenue, profit and trade spend.

Accenture Cloud Retail Execution (RE) provides a 360° view into retail execution management, cycle and visit planning, order taking, performance monitoring and more.

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Creating the 'new normal'

Accenture Cloud Solutions for Consumer Goods allows for a single system of engagement giving one version of the truth across different departments and geographies.

Consumer Goods executives can make better-informed decisions while boosting revenue, profit and market share.

Our Accenture Cloud Solutions for Consumer Goods allow one system of engagement across departments.

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Increasing visibility – improving performance

Leverage the power of Salesforce and our industry expertise to gain visibility into your trade spend and POS execution. Accenture Cloud for Consumer Goods uses predictive analytics and real-time data to power smarter decision-making.

Unparalleled industry expertise

30+ years in Consumer Goods.

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform

Leverage the Salesforce ecosystem.

Best-in-class technology

Built on the most trusted cloud platform; mobile app with offline capability.

Flexibility to fit multi-market requirements

Catering different country requirements and distribution models.

Industry leading user experience

Cockpits, calendars and views tailored to specific user needs.

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Accenture Cloud Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

Accenture Cloud TPM is a powerful, integrated software platform that helps you gain greater visibility into trade investments, revenue forecasts and customer profitability. It supports closed loop account and promotion planning processes. Accenture Cloud TPM lets you deliver detailed data to your people, in the formats they need, empowering them to help brands and retail partners drive profits and growth.

Accenture Cloud TPM connects Key Account Managers, Brand Managers, Account Directors, Finance Managers and Business Analysts on one platform. Get better visibility, share one version of the truth and collaborate more effectively, across teams and locations.

Accenture Cloud Retail Execution (RE)

Improve sales performance and enhance collaboration across your organization and its ecosystem with Accenture Cloud RE.

Available on iOS and Android, online and offline, Accenture Cloud RE helps users plan, prepare and execute guided store visits. The solution makes sure the most up-to-date information is always at your user’s fingertips with a best-in-class user experience.

With the solution you can manage and optimize field activities including visits, activities and promotions, and optimize product availability at the POS.

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