Accenture Automated Border Clearance

Accenture believes the combination of multi-modal biometrics and integrated automated technologies presents a sizeable opportunity for air, land and sea ports. 


With growth in traveler and documentation complexity, border posts are busier than ever and automated border clearance provides fast and secure processing, freeing up capacity of border agencies for intelligence-led border control.

Large-scale matching biometric solutions are making automated border clearance possible. With 35 percent of current travelers holding biometric documents, automated border control technologies use multi-model biometric matching to process low-risk passengers while border agents can focus on second-line processing.

Based on Accenture’s experience designing, implementing and running border clearance solutions, together with dedicated R&D facilities for identity and border clearance solutions, our experience shows that automated border clearance makes better use of existing infrastructures and offers:

  • Increased capacity by up to four times.
  • Enhanced security by focusing on intelligence-led border control.
  • Lower cost per transaction.
  • Flexibility that adapts to traveler profiles.
  • Improved revenues through faster traveler border clearance.
  • Better passenger facilitation.
  • A future-proof solution that can adapt to future legislation.

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Why Accenture

Accenture has an extensive team of more than 1,000 employees dedicated to border management and public safety plus deep experience working with border control and immigration agencies around the globe.

We have dedicated R&D facilities for identity and border clearance solutions where clients can experience firsthand biometric and large-scale matching technologies and the benefits of automated border clearance—see Accenture Automated Border Clearance Showcases.

Accenture also works with a variety of technology partners and can provide a complete port of entry solution allowing for technical flexibility depending on our clients’ needs.

Accenture has helped define border control strategies by looking at people, processes and organizational design for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We have built the world’s largest biometrics system for US-VISIT’s Smart Border Alliance and have conducted automated border clearance pilots in airports, including one with BAA at London Stansted.

As a result of the trial, BAA and UK Border Agency are deploying permanent automated border clearance gates at London Heathrow and Stansted that will cover 54 percent of all incoming passenger traffic to the UK.

Some of our key border management projects include:

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Specific Services

Accenture clients benefit from world-class expertise and services, and innovative market-leading technologies backed up by an in-depth understanding of border management, immigration, customs and police organisations. We work with our clients at a strategic level and have an understanding of the latest technologies for deployment into live port environments with back-end implementations into our client systems.

Looking at people, processes and technology, we help our clients:

  • Define strategies for effective and secure border control.

  • Ensure high-performance business processes.

  • Analyze physical layout, job functions and process redesign.

  • Determine effective workforce re-organization and training.

  • Implement change management and communication.

Accenture helps clients build automated border clearance solutions by using a proven methodology and brings together a number of technology vendors to provide systems that are modular, scalable and adaptable to meet clients’ needs.

Our solutions are configurable in each implementation and avoid the cost and risk of building components from the ground up, while offering the flexibility of custom-built components.

Features of our automated border clearance solution include:

  • Several types of travel documents can be used and validation is through biometric matching.

  • A choice of biometrics for identity validation, i.e., faces and/or fingerprints.

  • Customized 3-D animations to guide travelers during the process.

  • Simultaneous steps to increase performance.

  • Access security with detection of fraud, intrusions and checks against government watch lists.

  • A monitoring station for one immigration officer to manage several gates, freeing up time for second-line processing.

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  • The Accenture Smart Identity Solution introduces integrated, enterprise-wide identity management capabilities.

  • Award-winning Accenture Travel Security Services use multimodal biometrics, e-passports, two-dimensional barcode boarding passes, mobile devices and other emerging technologies to enhance security and facilitation for air travelers.

  • Accenture Biometrics Research & Development (R&D) activities are helping leading governments and businesses use biometric security systems to protect citizens and customers.

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